Tuesday, April 24, 2012

High Point Style Report Day 5

5 days of style sightings is a long time. A. Long. Time. As we head into day 6, my team of four is  wearing weary! Shoes are all hurting...rain is getting old...wind is irritating...early morning showers are not rewarding...Market snacks are getting boring...rolling carts are getting too heavy...shivering is making us cranky...note taking is a drag. All in all, we're about ready to call it a trip. Just one more day. Out of the 33 vendors we hoped to see today, we saw 5. Oh. My. Tomorrow, our plan is to split into two groups and make haste! 

I have a good bit of work to do tonight, so I'm only going to show you a few things from today. This new Blogger format is stretching my patience with the learning curve. We're going to help our friend Jan stamp 600 wedding invitations , make a wreath for her, download all the photos, review the new resources and record client accomplishments before turning in.

 Look at this creative display at our first stop, an ever favorite, Suyra Rugs. Giant balls of colorful yarns! So appropriate for a 26,000 square foot rug showroom.

This colorful find cheered us all! Vivid chrome yellow leather with charcoal accents. Wow.

Best bold contrast! Lime and charcoal bedroom. (Check out the bedside tables with circular opening).

This looks like a sepia photos, but actually it was in all neutrals of greys and creams! I loved this oval glass table. Great style. Great price! Watch for this as a new addition.

Couldn't agree more!

Cool modern headboard, but where are the lamps?! Sorry about the feeling of sepia...

At the end of the day, we saw this cool prop mantle with an insert of mirror!!! I'm going to get Sneelock right on that.   

On the ride home, we took inventory of the square feet of showrooms we walked. 

GRAND TOTAL OF WALKED SHOW ROOM SPACE: 147,000. That was just today! We paled at the thought of the additional walking about town from center to center. 

No wonder our feet hurt. 

Style really takes a tole.

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michelle said...

I love that yarn display!