Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Night Shift pays off!

Last week, my team and I got inspired! In my stash of props are several books that I use to tear pages from...oh dear! (Several of my children and nieces may shriek!) I also have a love of old frames and generally have several of them on hand that are "not for sale (another problem of mine as a retailer...).

But just take a look at this visual we came up with! 

*Large empty black frame  
*Book pages mounted side by side on foam core
*Pressed leaf from former Charleston site visit
*Secondary framed fonts , layered
*Re-styled lamp with replacement oval black shade and twine embellishment! (personal favorite).
Trophy vase with aged paperback books tied with twine
*Reclaimed looking large finial lidded urn
*Burlap covered small bottle
*Several framed dictionary pages
*Iron organizer with bird's nest
*Vintage inspired flash card

We loved the theme, the natural color and the composition! I've really been meaning to keep a file of the mantles I design...maybe this will start the file!

Love. It.

Hope you do too!

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