Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring/Summer Events

Spring/Summer 2012 Event Menu

Thursday, May 31 6:30pm
“Easy Ways to Make Your Case”  
            Beautify your bookcases! Susan will demonstrate how to put interest and your personal touch into your bookcases. A few trade secrets will turn yours into a favorite design project and place to display collectibles, books, art and more!

 Thursday, June 28   6:30pm
“Every Home Needs Atmosphere!”
Pattern and so much soul! Pattern rules the design world right now. Susan will discuss how to use pattern to pump up your rooms. Expect lots of fabrics in a wide variety of current styles. You’ll go away with inspired ideas for quick change! Take home a favorite memo to be returned and dream.

Thursday, July 26 6:30pm
“25 Fun (and easy!) Design Ideas for Your Bedroom”
            Bedrooms aren’t just for sleeping anymore! Make yours one of the more stylish rooms in your home with these tips. Susan will cover everything from color palettes to fabric patterns, art and lighting. She will review her Pinterest boards and inspire you to visualize your own possible changes or additions.

Thursday, August 16 6:30pm
“Make the Most of Your Mantle”
            What better place to showcase an array of eclectic objects?! Always an anticipated class, Susan will demonstrate ways to create stunning display ideas you can re-create for yourself. Bring photos and measurements for individual consultations and help.

Thursday, September 13 6:30pm
“The Art of Assemblage”
            With her eye for the over looked and the avant-garde, Susan turns her store into a quirky lab for living! A walk through the store with discussions and demonstrations that will turn on your imagination and get you started on the path to creativity and out-side-the-box thinking.

Thursday, September 27 6:30pm
“Top Shelf”
            Dressing those high surfaces with interest is a challenge. Whether it’s a great room, a bedroom, or kitchen, your higher surfaces shouldn’t go unnoticed. Susan will review her dos and don’ts with demonstrations and ideas for all. Bring your photos for instant design direction.

A $20 registration fee is required for all events and can be applied to your purchase the evening of the event.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Oh how I wish I didn't live on the other side of the country! That bookcase class is calling my name.

I just painted my bookcase orange, and I love it. I'm using cake stands and silver platters to add to the overall decor, and so far I'm loving it!