Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personal Musings

I think I'm in a bit of a slump...

This doesn't happen often to me, so it has taken me a bit by surprise. Perhaps it's the stress of the retail seasonal prep...arthritic hands and knees...missing my good friend. I had wonderful staff help this year and everyone gave their all to lesson my work load. I could never have done it without them.

I can so hear the words of my darling mother, "I've got the blah's"...that's how she would refer to this feeling and I've definitely let the overwhelm of catching up and carrying on get the best of me!

On top of all this, my house is downright dreary! After my tag sale (a huge success), my walls are empty, there are no rugs, 2 mismatched chairs have been pulled into the family room for Fred and myself, windows are bare...you get the picture. It echos! Not exactly a cozy retreat to come home to. What was I thinking selling my comforts this time of year?! Oh . Dear.

No pictures tonight. I wanted to share with you the thoughts of a dear friend who has lent a listening ear. I found it so profound and so touching . I want to think about her words and give up the "blahs".

"You are in an empty house and shortly, Mary and Joseph will be looking for a place for a baby to be born."

How tenderly her words touched my shriveled heart. I am planning on preparing my home for the coming Season. Thank you, dear friend.


Lee said...

My dear sweet friend,
I saw it in your eyes. It's been hard for you without Denise around and Linda and stripping your home like you did.But I'm sure the "blah's" that your feeling are an effect of everything together. It's normal and besides you do so much. I admire you but have no clue how you do it all( I know you have help, but still)I know the holidays make me miss my dad even more than usual so I'm sure your mama's sweet voice is causing added emptiness. But try to slow down (I know that's impossible for you) and take it one step at a time and enjoy your sister's presence this week and Thanksgiving with your family and put your feet up a bit more (without heels) Hee Hee. And "Be still and know that I am God." Remember that sometimes we need to distance ourself from the big picture like a birds eye view and then our problems, situations, burdens seem smaller from up there. Take a breath and know that you are loved.
love you

michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear that you've got the blahs. How I hate that feeling! Here's hoping you pull out if it soon. Xoxo

michelle said...

That's out of it. Sheesh.

Sophia said...

I'll quote one of my favorite scriptures... it's short, sweet and easy to memorize...

"For with God nothing shall be impossible." Luke 1:37. That scripture can get you through anything life throws your way!

I LOVE THAT QUOTE! It is brilliant and very insightful.

It is most definitely not always a bad thing to have the "blahs"! We often need the chance to stop, sit (even in an empty house) and think of how blessed we are and find some way to help others.