Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nearing the end!

After a long day with a minimal design crew, Shannon and I felt totally satisfied with ourselves! That doesn't mean we weren't tired. 6 days of 14 hours takes its toll! Take a look at some of the progress we made.

We started out the morning creating a false ceiling or wintry twigs. White is so appealing.
I created this centerpiece using a large oval mirror as a base. My favorite greens, ornaments and my "magic" sugar pine cones made a dramatic statement. It's pretty instant! One of my holiday classes focuses on creating such centerpieces. You can take one home!

Early in the morning, one of our long time designer clients dropped in to get a sneak peek! He raved about my selection of greens this year. He said they we had the best selection he had seen. Now that made my heart sing a bit. It made those 6 days of 14 hours seem validated.
He did, however, make me sigh just a bit when he depleted my orange and green know how I am about my favorites.

We got all of the back stock ornaments into baskets and that was a real accomplishment. *Whew*
I have a great selection of snowy, calm branches...
Loads of quaint mache houses, this one in pale blue glitter!
And more Santas than you can count! Every color and size.
It's been a long week. Lots of help and lots of fun...lots of aching feet and sore backs. Loads of trash. LOADS.  Some discouragement. 

But all in all, a fulfilling week of creativity and vision. Tomorrow we hang the garlands, wreaths and swags. Ribbon selections, design visions and more suggestions for beauty in your home. 

I hope to see you soon!


Lee said...

The greens ! I'm so excited for new greens! Can't wait till Thursday night susan. So exctiing. YOu poor thing you must be exhausted.
Love you

michelle said...

It looks wonderful. What a huge task!