Saturday, October 13, 2012

High Point Market Day 2

Day two proved to be fully packed. Rugs, furniture, furniture and more furniture. A few accessories, lighting and more rugs. Definitely a full day! 

We are always inspired by the creative talents that put the showrooms together. The designers spend their best ideas to make big impressions. Food is abundant, and buyers are treated like valued partners. 

I'll give you a quick run down of a few of the inspiring things I purchased today for the store as well as some things that I fell in love with for future considerations. 

I think I sat in a hundred chairs today, looking for one for my new perfect one yet! Tomorrow, in between client needs and the store, I'll look again.

Orange themes throughout the market have not disappointed us! This was a display we saw at a major rug vendor, Orange and graphite. Oh so Susan!

I would love to have a place for this glamorous desk!

For something unique and whimsical, look at these dining chairs with blackboard outside backs! (My delight was even more at the sight of "Bella", my darling grand daughter! The table itself was beautiful...a lovely long table with a silky finish called "frost".  This could be for my next beach project. Can't wait.

How cool would this be for a chic boutique restaurant?! The mirrors almost mimic portholes. Colors , bright and happy.

Just to reinforce the most popular color story...

I thought this was a creative idea for an open loft apartment. The upholstered screen forms a natural wall or definition of space. Nail heads create style as well!

Closeup of screen corner

I'm thinking of this for a media cabinet for my new family room. The interior is fitted for media equipment, vented and complete with an electric eye. I think it will be in the running.     
 The day was a success and a full one. Check back tomorrow for day 3.

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Charlotte said...

I think I need one of those rugs for Asher's room! I love that his room is so color trendy!