Tuesday, October 16, 2012

High Point Market Report Day 4

I know I'm a day late reporting our final day...

We We spent the entire day ducking in and out of rain showers, rushing to see the final vendors on our list and slipping others not on the list into our schedule. 

I've said it before,but that last day is a brutal one and no matter how new or interesting or urgent the offerings are, we've seen enough, photographed enough, ooh-ed and aaaahh-ed enough, walked enough, carried enough and opened our rolling carts enough. We're done!

We did see some great things and filled some needs on our custom design needs. I'll show you a few of the best of the best.

Orange an gray reigned

LOVE the glamorous stainless table!

Mirrored furniture seems to be timeless. After 6-years,  it still remains strong.

I found this booth display showing a framed live moss garden! Be still my heart.

Closeup of moss art! So organic. Love!

At the close of the day, we happily rolled our carts through the doors of the IHFC Building for the last time this market. Here's Jackie holding both carts, fully loaded with new resources, fabric memos, notepads, cameras, phones, pain pills, umbrellas, lipstick, and more. Actually, Jackie left the market with several pair of flip flops that one of our last vendors of the day was giving away! She refrained from wearing them and offered a pair to me. They just didn't work for me. Nor for her! Cute acknowledgment of the needs of the buyers, however!

Loaded down with the "goods"!

Show closes at 6:00 . We were ready. We think we have come home with lots of new resources, new inspirations for fresh interiors, and feet in tact. Until next market, we'll use our notes to speak the language of style.

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Lee said...

Jackie looked to cute! But still no shoe documentation. Tisk Tisk Tisk, very upset that we didn't see the shoe collections. Hee Hee.