Sunday, October 14, 2012

High Point Market Report Day 3

Our day was spent pushing from showroom to showroom from all points of town.We crossed many things off our list and raced from elevators to stairs and escalators in an effort to get as many things as possible in. The day before our last day always brings a bit of panic into the plan! Oh. Dear. Tomorrow might be tense.

We spend time each market checking for new resources and seeing our favorites. It's tough to fit it all in!'s a few of the things I documented today for the sharing!

In the first show room we visited this morning, I spotted this chest. I tested it and it fits CD's perfectly! Mixed with modern elements, this stays in rank with that wonderful organic mix I love.

Here's a closer look!

We hunted down this comfy but stylish recliner...yes, a recliner!

 Another recliner, nail heads too!

You know my penchant for bird motifs...take a look at these cute wire sculptures. I put them on order right away. 

Next time I'm asked for a suggestion for a center hall table, this is my pick. Stainless steel, architectural styling and mirrored top. Wow.

And just to show you that color abounds...this was my last snapshot while Jackie held the elevator! Not loving the style...but that color does make your heart race!   

Just one more day. Once again, stay tuned for more style reports. My feet can be traced for one more day!


Lee said...

So much fun Susan. I'm so excited for you.
Hey no shoe and feet pics? What's happening? There is always a shoe and feet post?
Hee Hee

michelle said...

Definitely the coolest recliners I've ever seen!