Monday, October 22, 2012

Off and Running!

I'm happy to report that day 1 was a success in the holiday setup! 

I neglected to photograph my team, but's on my punch list! Connie headed up the organizational end, setting some big goals! Patty set to work sorting and organizing the ornaments,pulling them out of boxes and endlessly finding more. And more. And more. You get the picture. Anne, Shannon and I set out to design and trim several trees. Never mind the 10' tree we had to light...ugh. Connie and Shannon made short work of that.

My mother always taught me that "you can do anything on the buddy system". She was spot on! Everyone on my staff stepped up to the plate, sensing my heavy heart without Linda to help. I can say that I don't believe I have ever had so much support or help during a holiday setup. How thankful I am for such capable staff and friends. We had great conversation and laughs along the way. I turned the key in the door at 9:00pm! Home in time to watch the debate, download a few photos and post before 1:30am! All good.
This was the condition of the sales floor when we stepped through the doors this morning...

Lots of glitter (really?!) in all sizes. Box after box to unpack and prepare.

Metallic acorns!

This year's "wow" color! Find it mixed with silver, champaigne and creme. Beautiful.

A good start. I took this to show you the color pallet. We sent Linda some progress shots along the way.

Tight shot for detail!

This is Kara! We just call her pink girl. If it's pink, she's in love with it! I couldn't resist documenting her delight at finding these hot pink sequin spheres. You'll have to wait to see how they are used. You can, however, see this stylishly oh so pink velvet chair in person if you visit the store! Kara seems perfectly happy in this setting! So cute.

Gotta love pink! And yes, Linda had a hand in making this a color statement for BES 2012.

After two  tree designs tomorrow, we tackle the stockroom. Patty, we're counting on you!

Those of you who know me, know I'm a pushover for bottle brush trees. Here's a few of my offerings.

Candlesticks, lanterns, glass containers and a few surprises!

Cloches stocked for Holiday event; "Christmas Under Glass". You won't want to miss that one. Check the website for more information.

Connie and Patty were thrilled to see the beginning of several empty shelves. It is a happy sight.     
After a long day with little break time, the early quit time was an unexpected surprise. I'd like to try that again.


michelle said...

I'm happy about the early quit time, too! And I'm sure no one else was complaining. Hooray for lots of help!

Lee said...

I can't wait. So excited. Just sent connie an email and signed up for the class.
Don't want to see the store until then.
OMG Thursday night Christmas at Susan's and then Friday Christmas with Mary Carol. I can die now.
Hee Hee.