Thursday, October 25, 2012

Creative slump...

After tackling the six trees in record time, the creative team has hit a little slump...We worked on tabletop most of the day, as well as mantles and garland placement. Anne and Shannon did a little chandelier embellishing with our ever-in-demand mercury finial ornaments. 

Some areas we were pleased with, but as the day into night wore on, we began to get a bit slap happy as we critiqued our designs. I will have to say that it is difficult to feel a sense of accomplishment when you leave the store in such turmoil! 

Boxes, ribbons, chenille wraps, more boxes, bubble wrap, wire ornament hooks, misplaced tabletop inventory from a few days all adds up to a rather chaotic state! I'm rather counting on a fresh start tomorrow with a fresh vision as well. We may start with rounds to review the designs of today and rethink several areas. 

see what I mean about the chaos? Boxes, trash, ornaments needing to be organized in baskets...we have to walk around all this to work!

Chandelier dripping with mercury finial ornaments! Yes, I also got gold this year per your requests.

Closeup of Santa, bottlebrush trees, deer and lambs. So cute!

Inside the blue French bibliotech. Those darling houses made it back into the mix again, Robin egg, Pale pink, white and graphite. Great mix.

Look at this unique clock face ( real working clock!) Shannon already took her's from the stock room...the team members get first pick, you might say! So many advantages to working "the night shift".
Maybe it's just the third day slump. 3-4 more days to go.

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Lee said...

Stop it! Stop it! You're showing us way too much. I have to be surprised on Thursday. I can't look anymore.
Hee Hee.