Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Salt Lake City Wedding report!

The wedding was beautiful and so was the bride! I scooted over to the venue to begin work while the family attended the wedding. With a team of 5 assistants for the first few hours, followed by Linda, her husband and four children, we finished the setup just in time to make a quick change of clothes and join the party! ( 7.5 hours later!)

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This is the organdy tablecloth I brought from Black-eyed Susan for the cake table! The table was a tad bit too short to make the tablecloth hang properly,but it was dramatic and stunning. And just take a look at that ombré cake!! On top of being a thing of beauty, it was delicious!!

I plan to rent the table skirt for customer events and weddings.

We used locally cut plum blossoms ( about 100 stems) 48" tall. Magical hanging bell jars with tea lights lit the blossoms with additional votives on each table. The full drama took effect when the sun set and the room was filled with sparkling candlelight.

Linda made the table numbers well ahead...aqua glitter!!

This mantle was behind the head table. You can see the bridal portrait of the bride and groom, surrounded by aqua tea lights, fresh ranunculus, glittered bride and groom cards, and the glamour of an added mirror. I have some other photos taken with my camera that I will share later.

I snapped this picture of the bride and groom and Sophia ( maid of honor and Linda's daughter! ) through the French doors as they were waiting to be announced. So cute!

I couldn't help taking this shot with a bit of a sigh at the end of the night...bridal bouquet had filled its need and was tossed away. * sigh*
What a short lived thing of beauty!

That is a short recap as recorded on my iPad. I promise to give you more photos from my camera and others taken when downloaded.

Weddings...such a mixture of feelings. The bride's father said it best, " A happy day and a sad day all at the same time" .


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Sophia said...

You worked hard and it looked BEAUTIFUL! :) You are so talented. Makes me excited for the day when you get to help plan mine! But, you will definitely be at the wedding ceremony so don't get any funny ideas!! You are brilliant! Can't wait to see more pictures. Love you!