Thursday, May 2, 2013

Wedding Bell Blues

My friend, Linda and I have met up in Salt Lake City, Utah to be the wedding planners for her cute niece, Marrissa! The weather hasn't cooperated the best...actually a bit of snow flurries yesterday as we picked up the flowers from our supplier. nevertheless, it's going to be a beautiful event.

Take a look at the fabulous crabapple blossoms we ordered to transform the wedding venue! Oh, my.

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I brought this totally over the top cake table skirt...I've had to keep it away from Linda, as she has threatened to wear it. I'll post a photo of the cake with it tomorrow!

We're off to complete the wedding flowers. My local supplier has given us the use of her workroom to use which is so accommodating. The colors are Tiffany blue and coral (!) stay tuned for the after pictures and a final report. here is the cute bride the day before...holy smokes!

"She's gett'in married in the morning!!

Location:Salt Lake City, Utah


Lee said...

Can't wait to see. Exciting! And how fun you and Linda as wedding planners. Love it!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see photos!