Sunday, March 31, 2013

Charleston Completed! A Week in Review

After arriving early Thursday morning to finish the last few details and take professional photos, we looked back ahead and felt a sense of accomplishment and success. The house is cozy, stylish and colorful. I think I could live there and be quite happy.

Reloading the car with the excess to return home turned out to be quite a challenge!

Good and faithful BES van ready to load...

The problem..,this is what has to go in in addition to 3 passengers!

...another view

Linda pondering.,,she decided to turn the project over to Sneelock. Good thinking.

So, he's a miracle worker in all ways!

Here is a sample of the finished rooms. Let's just call it a week in review, no words. Just photos. Hope you enjoy the overall...I'm really happy with the final result, and happy to be headed home tomorrow.



All approved....just sayin'


Millie said...

Perfection! Love the master bedroom and the kitchen especially!

Victoria said...

Oh my goodness this is amazing
just found your blog tonight and
I am loving it. This home is spectacular.


Beautiful how you added the color!

Luci @Bungalow At Home said...

Stunning! Found your blog via Pinterest and love your work!