Friday, March 8, 2013

Yes, the Wednesday magic!

It's plain to see that my resolve to post several times each week is not working...somehow, my love of blogging is being over run by several things...too much inventory to place (!), eye surgery, my personal design project (not going very fast), just to name a few. I'll have more about the 2 latter sometime soon.

For now, we had another successful night oohing and aahing over the new shipments and then finding homes for as many as we could. Ann chuckled when I exclaimed, "We have sooooooo many cute things!". I suppose since I am the buyer, she was surprised at my glee. I must say, however, that we do the buying months ahead of shipments and oft when inventory arrives, it's a sweet surprise!

I am getting ready to put together our room for the Bucks County Designer House, so much of what comes in is earmarked for my design vision. The staff knows that I have to review the inventory and pull what I have ordered for the room before it can be subject for store offerings. Soooooo many cute things, can I just say?!

You really need to take a trip into the store to be inspired and share in my delight.
Oh my goodness! I preordered one for! You know how I feel about that. Birds, orange, down pillows...what's not to love?!

This stunning silver rimmed bubble bowl arrived. The whole staff wanted one! I placed a piece of coral in the bottom and my all time favorite orchid, That's a winner! Three out of four are gone...I really want the last one!    Hope to see you soon. Remember, Thursdays are always a nice surprise!

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Sherry said...

i now love orange! (Previously not a favorite color). wished i could have visited your shop during my last visit.