Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Charleston Day Three

Wow. Some real magic happened today in the design process. With a very early start at 8:00am, the delivery truck rolled up side by side with the owner's contractor and the electrician. Full house!

Fred (Sneelock) instantly got to work hanging blinds, draperies, mirrors and art.

Jackie made all the beds with the new bedding ensembles, directed the delivery and helped me with the placement of the rugs, I think the young moving team was needing a stiff drink by the time I had them change each rug an inch over and three inches down. Rug placement is a real challenge!

Linda and I rethought the tween room I designed and  tried about three different layouts (in real time!). This involved moving two twin beds, two dressers, one rug, one chair and a desk . We tried three different layouts, each having its own merits. We decided on the perfect design and I'll tell you the comments of the cute occupant of the room in a bit.  I took some photos of the room as it sat as the family had placed it when they moved in.

It's a bit difficult to show the true impact of this room layout, but it was really a great design move. Linda has has teenagers a lot more recently than myself and it was her thought process that lead to the end result. She had an idea that the room needed to be more like a suite, a real personal living space for this young girl and her friends. It worked. This is where the beds originally were placed under a sloping dormer, giving the space a very lopsided design.
This is the entrance into the room as originally placed...it almost made a long narrow hallway with the beds on the left.

This is the alcove that we placed the twin beds in the new room plan. They still sit perfectly under the dormer roof, but in a symmetrical setting with a bit more space between them. Cozier than ever and in the process, creating a true living room area. We took the cool graphic rug out from under the beds and grounded the seating/study area with it instead, defining that space as comfortable and personal. I'm sure it will become the favorite gathering space for the hip young crowd.

Just a corner shot of the dining room...

When the living room pieces were delivered and placed, it took restraint not to put everything else aside and seek out the dramatic accessories I selected for the room. Here is a corner shot of one of the flanked sofas with the colorful accent pillow. I can't wait to show you the rest!

This photo is so disappointing, but I'll share it anyway. Lots of riff- raff in the background, my accessory stash. The colors are graphite and orange accents.It's turning out to be a great room.
Tomorrow we have another full day planned. Lots of finishing touches, draperies to be hung, art placement and some of my favorite work in the finishing touches. We have a few errands to do to find replacement lamp shades for some lamps we want to re-purpose and several small accents we just realized that we needed. 

I'm glad you're along for the ride. It's a really rewarding transformation.

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