Thursday, March 28, 2013

Charleston Day Five...and into Six. Holy Moly.k

We spent the entire day working and stopped to celebrate my birthday (64 years) then went back to the house and worked right through to Thursday...I'm telling you how old I am because I'm thinking of something my darling mother used once told me, " I always tell people how old I am in case they think I'm older!"

As we are just now leaving the house I'll share just a few photos. Tomorrow is photography day so soon you.ll have the big picture.

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I'm telling you, there's a lot a designer will do to get the work done the way she wants it...we used these new plate discs and applied them two times with a 24 hour dry time. I've used these before and been delighted. They would not stick. We followed and re followed the instructions to a tee. This is Linda used some super strong transparent duct tape to secure the plate discs...I could have secured her to the wall with this stuff it's so sticky!

We templates the plate collection on the floor and then set out to hang the vast collection intermingled with some of my favorite mirrors from Oly. I'll show you the finished product tomorrow. I love it!

Here are some funny shots from the work day...

Sneelock's actually spreads throughout the house from room to room.

Linda can't be far behind a cup of ice with her power drink...that would be coke zero.

Susan's space is full of accessory choices from orchids to exotic leaves, books and beautiful mosses, plus any possible succulent variety you can imagine.

Jackie's space houses all receipts and so much more. need a phone number, measurement or order info, she will have it. ( those files scare me a little... )

Tomorrow we return early, complete the last few details and document the entire project down to the last detail with professional photography .

We feel a real sense of accomplishment and I am ever so grateful for the combined efforts of my team.

This 64 year old is going to bed.

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Sherry said...

i'm looking forward to seeing the final results. so far, perfection!