Friday, September 13, 2013


After making three cakes last night to get one good one, my efforts paid off tonight when I assembled and frosted the chocolate peanut butter cake with chocolate peanut butter ganache. I feel redeemed from the failures of last night! My darling friend, Lisa, said that my mother was smiling! I like that thought. And I think she is right. This is my finished cake...

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In addition, I had the brilliant idea to make a tiny one out of the scraps from one of the failures that I kept. Is about 6" in diameter and so tall that it almost fell over! I cut the rounds out of a large round biscuit cutter which made the sides very in lots of crumbs!! It was a bit difficult to frost in a pretty fashion.

This one is for you, Andrew! Andrew is a darling friend and long time Black-eyed Susan supporter and patron. So much so, I'm sure that if I ran short of inventory at any time, I could call on him to personally replace my inventory with some of the hundreds of dollars worth he has purchased from my store! Andrew is also a loyal blog follower and last year when he read that I had made a cake for the staff luncheon, he showed up for a piece! I loved that he was so in touch with what was going on and was interested in my efforts of baking. So, this one is just for you! It also made me so happy to make something from the multiple failures of the night before! Win, win.

I'm going to bed a lot happier tonight. And I'm pretty sure my sweet mother is smiling.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

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