Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday Night's Fall!!

With the help of Sneelock, Matthew, Ann and myself, we made a few great and refreshing changes tonight!

There is a real thrill when the first fall accents come out and we officially start the fast track to forth quarter busy busy days. I couldn't help humming a bit as I arranged the bittersweet and stunning fall leaves and put the summer seashells away. Everyone had dispersed And headed for our cars when I realized that I had not taken one photo to spread the excitement. Ann and I went back in to snap a few really need to stop in and take in the fabulous look of fall. You won't be disappointed. (There's lots of great sale prices on floor samples as well).

Dramatically tall bittersweet vines grace this rustic table.

Fall hydrangeas, aspen leaves and a few log cuts! I added these perfectly colored book volumes and some stunning pottery to complete the look. This great new table also hit the sales floor tonight.

If you need a fall door basket, I have a nice selection of intense hydrangeas and beautiful fillers and berries to put one together for you. They won't last long, so hurry in.

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Spectacular! What can I say?

These beauties made their way out of the stock room as well. Wow. Chartreuse never looked so good...such a great accent color.

When the staff turns the key tomorrow they will feel like summer was way too short. Fall. It's here and there's. a smile on my face. See you soon.

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Lee said...

So pretty all your fall things.
When are you going to post about your home?