Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Language of Style

I promised to keep you posted about style, that's what Black-eyed Susan is all about-STYLE! Every day, during the course of work in the world of design, we are searching for, creating, and documenting style. It's a great gig.

Here are a few "style sitings" I've been collecting. Style. It's everywhere.

I took a shot of this stylish sign while in Connecticut! WAY cute name. Style.

Check out this stylish closet of a recent client I went to see! I love vintage books, and this vintage ledger was only made more fabulous by being used as a prominent accessory! Style, for sure.

Stylish Lisas---yes, two! Lisa on the left and Lisa on the right, flanking another stylish shopping friend at my last Black-eyed Susan event. (Note Lisa left holding my stylish "glitter kix" in silver metalic)!

Meet this beautiful Black-eyed Susan regular! Sharone always sets the tone for style (a NYC model) and I just couldn't resist taking her photo with those stylish birch logs! Great find, Sharone! (Right out of the front window).

Not sure which is the best example of style here! Nick, our one stylin' male Black-eyed Susan employee (if you don't count Sneelock!) or Nina, the adorable and stylish miniature rescue greyhound. I guess the only thing that could be better would be a stylish Nick holding a stylish pup! See what I mean?! Meet Connie, ever the example of a stylish office manager! We could always take a cue from her sense of style, and talk about efficient! Now that's what I call style! (And here she is being one-upped by that dang stylish puppy!

My cutest of cute clients, Sue, showed up the other day with a fabulously stylish new car! Wait! I mean, a seriously stylish car! Usually seen in her own stylish tennis gear, she indulged me while I photographed and detailed pure style.

Interior leather with white topstitching!! Yes! I said topstitching. Did I say style?!!

Here's the dashboard. Again, pure style! Brushed chrome. (I think it's only trumped by Sue's super stylish kitchen!)

And here's the true test of the stylish new car! Color=Metallic charcoal with a two-tone top. (I'm pretty sure there is a real "car-talk" term for this, but I only know style when I see it! I seriously want this car! Test drive it for yourself at Haldeman Ford.

The MOST stylish living! My penthouse project on Rittenhouse Square! Absolutely fabulous, stylish living. Wait till you see the Christmas decor! (coming......)

Like I said, it's all about style!


Alison said...

When my parents first got married, my Dad's boss gave them a really nice apt. as a wedding present in the Doorchester (I believe) on Rittenhouse. They didn't have any furniture so they always opened and shut their door really fast so their neighbors wouldn't know. That's style! haha

michelle said...

The top-stitching on the car interior -- oh la la!

That's one mighty cute dog as well.

I'm intrigued by the glitter Kix -- what does one do with them?

Denise said...

Great documentation of style, for sure. That dog is too cute!

Jill said...

I am way on the other end of this style spectrum!

Susan said...

Glitter kix! Use them in a decorative glass urn or canister with a sprig of holly....pour them into a glass container with a favorite candle....put them around the base of a great vintage Santa in an old silver tray....or just fill various sizes of interesting glass vessels on the mantle!

We'll be using them in the base of tall glass vases filled with snowy branches dripping with icicles for wedding centerpiecesf! The darling bride is the one who named them "glitter kix"!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include yourself! You are the most stylish person I know!

Lee said...

As one of the "stylish Lisa's" (haha) I have to say that Susan's classes are so much fun. They are entertaining, enlightening and inspiring. Myself, my friend KC and the other stylish lisa (haha) love to attend the ones we can. You can learn so much from Susan. She is a very inspiring. If you haven't attending them already please do so . They are wonderful. We have a new name "Susan's groupies"