Friday, November 14, 2008

Penthouse part II

Oh my! The long overdue report with photo documentation of the Penthouse Christmas decor! What a few days it was......the beginning of our cold weather with drizzly rain at times and torrential rain at others. (Overall, not good hair weather!)

Enter into the foyer of the 20th floor. Did I tell you before that the elevator only goes to the 17th floor and one walks the remaining floors to "the top"! My lighting wasn't the best here, but I papered the foyer in chocolate and bronze metallic wallpaper. It's rich and dramatic. This 6 ft eglimoise mirror speaks for drama and beauty. We draped beautiful greens over the top and added this cypress wreath to adorn the bust. Enter Christmas!!

Note the fabulous architecture in the living room looking into the dining room. These french doors are engaging and beckon one in to sit in a room with a view. This mixed garland graces the doors on each side. This is my favorite garland this year and we have plenty on hand in the retail store, cost about $65.00 each.
Another view of the fab wallpaper...with an original oil painting in the colors of the foyer. This city street scene was a favorite that was hand selected and framed on a buying trip to High Point. I love adorning art and mirrors with realistic greens and boughs. I tied a gold ornament to embellish the greens on this one. Use several types of greens for interest. Come in to the store and I'll give you my tricks and tips on securing the greens!

Here you see the other side of the french doors (note the doors themselves are black, a signature of my work when the client permits!). This view shows the mirrored 10' trees. One with hot pink and champagne, the other chocolate and gold. Check out the oh so glamorous pink and creme silk draperies in the dining room! Personally, I favored the living room chocolate and gold, but Liz (Penthouse owner) favors the pink tree! (We thought she would!)

An assortment of the pink ornaments! Nick named the pink metallic spray a "wizard stick"! I tried to wave it around to see its power, but alas, no response! They made a darn cute impact on the tree however!

By the way, many of the ornaments we used were shatterproof! I mean really, they look like the finest hand blown Polish glass ornaments. We can get high gloss, matt, glittered, jumbo, ex large, large, medium, small.....well, you get the picture! I rotate the color pallets for the retail store each year and try to buy a small amount of the colors I had the previous year in order to have something for you to "add to what you did the year before". We find we are usually about 3 years ahead of the color! Email me to learn the colors for this year! Use these fabulous ornaments outside for many years! They're perfectly fabulous!!

This closeup shows a really good and true picture of the real color! Just check out those drapes!! It is soooooooo fun to design glamorous draperies! Sorry you can't enjoy the glorious satin ball fringe!

Color, wizard stick, and striped silk. What a combo!

A closeup of the chocolate and gold tree selections----so rich! Always add a little sparkle, assorted sizes and finishes. Voila!!

We really try to customize each tree for our clients! While I am not a huge poinsettia fan, we found these! Hot pink and an encrusted glittery center--WOW! We knew they were perfect for this Penthouse Lady Liz! Sure enough, they made her heart sing! Susan holding a selection. (I guess I didn't dress for the color pallet! Now if Linda were on the team, a different story altogether!!
Well, there you have it! My long overdue report on the Penthouse 2008 Holiday! Word on the street has it that you can, indeed, see the trees from "the Square"! Thanks, Liz! You make our work so rewarding!

Perhaps we can do the same for you!


michelle said...

Always so fun to see some after pictures! That wallpaper is gorgeous.

I don't know how you are always so ahead of the color trends -- I wish I knew how you did it! Remember when you were trying to convince me about grey-greens with yellow-golds together? Now of course that combo is old news. You're a color genius.

Too funny that you have a "wizard stick" label.

everything pink! said...

that tree! those curtains. oh some day I hope I can hire you to do my tree too!!!