Sunday, February 22, 2009

Give me rest

Not long ago, I completed a beautiful guest room project. I must say that I did love the room prior to the transformation as well, so it was a bit difficult to put that one to rest! Prior to reinventing the room into this quiet, peaceful retreat, it was Julie's son's room, which we had not long ago designed in jalapeno and gray. Very cool! (The walls were jalapeno)! Yes! But I'm happy to say that I love the outcome of the favorite colors, crisp linen and favorite accents.

The inspiration for the room came from the soothing color. It is in my favorite family of late, SW Quietude, a beautiful grayed blue that begs one to come in and never leave! One of our goals was to complete the room without breaking the bank, yet remake it from scratch with purposeful design, and, I might add, with a complete attitude change!

We painted the walls (or I should say, Julie painted)! This linen headboard it a favorite of mine. It makes a great statement-a bit of an urban flair,clean and simple,yet timeless. Julie found the basic bedding and we added the black accents in linen and oatmeal. Part of our direction was made when we decided to find a home for the draperies that we had used in last years Princeton Jr. League Designer House room that I designed. (Drapery photo to follow.....)

Most of my design career, I have had a love affair with plates and platters, butter pats too!

When we came to the finishing touches, I knew that plates would be the perfect accent to follow the lines of the bed. We had several ideas, but when I checked my personal collection, I found that I had these lovely vintage Limoges---cream with the most perfect blue borders. It took a moment to decide that I could give them up, but the vision of their perfect addition to the room convinced me. That's me standing on the new bed to hang them!

Here's a shot of the drapery panels. They are lovely natural linen with a black velvet damask motif. We used black iron rods and rings, and due to the fact that we had only two panels, created an asymmetrical style on each window. Luckily, we had specified the black tapes on the 2" wood blinds for the last room design!

We used vintage furniture for the remaining furniture. I love using a chest of drawers as a bedside table! This one came from my retail store. The smaller bedside table (minus the drawers)! was a Julie find! It's always great when we can combine our efforts within one vision with our clients! Julie was great

Right away, I had the use of these botanicals in mind for the art. I purchased an entire collection of original botanicals salvaged from the agricultural department from Temple University. There were over 80 specimens. We had these professionally photographed and then framed them in floating glass frames, again with our black accent. When this kind of frame is used, the wall color of the room becomes part of the art!

By the way, the originals are dated as far back as the early 1800's and there are some that are from Bucks County. They are all dated and labeled. I have the originals as well as photographs available through the store.

Sneelock did the hanging of these. He has become an expert in the hanging of quadrants of anything! Perfectly placed.

Great straight shot of the headboard and the two vintage side pieces. Note the black lamp with the linen shade! And, the plates......perfect! Something that follows the lines of the curved headboard is so much more appealing than the straight angle of a piece of art.

One final view of the room showing the headboard, dresser/bedside table and botanicals.

If you are invited for an overnight stay,I hope you'll enjoy the quiet ambiance and beautiful soothing color while relaxing in this new and stylish guestroom. Ahhhhh. Beauty plus style.


southerninspiration said...

Beautiful and!!!


Jill said...

The room is gorgeous! I wouldn't want to leave it.

Bond Girl 007 said...

such attention to detail, I love it. And two wonderful plus style...nothing beats that. Love the textures and colors.

Charlotte said...

I love it! I could totally retreat to that room and never come out. It's beautiful!

shannon said...

I love this room--I love the botanicals and the drapery panels.

One of my favorite things to do as well is to hang plates...I never knew that the teeny tiny plates that you hang are actually butter pats! I just thought they were really small h'orderve plates--he he--You learn something new

Another great job! The room looks fantastic!

michelle said...

Very restful, perfect for a bedroom! I love the combination of soft blue, linen, and black. And now I think I want a tiny chest for my bedside table -- I could really use the drawers!

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

The bedroom is beautiful and I am so sorry about your bread!