Monday, March 9, 2009

Look what I bought!

Last weekend, while away for a short get away to see my youngest daughter, Jessie, I visited a favorite floral supplier. Jessie live in Charlotte,N.C. The weather was most unpleasant, torrential rain for a full two days. While I was looking forward to a relief from our cold spell and most unpleasant weather, I was disappointed. I was not disappointed, however, in the great haul I was able to pack in the van to bring a little spring back to Black-eyed Susan!

Orchids and spring hyacinths ready for Joanne to pot! (They're all out now!)

You can pick these spring blooms up to pot yourself, or have Joanne do it for you. Sweet!

If I didn't know better, I'd think these breathtaking tulips came straight from my friend, Shannon's, garden!

My absolute favorite (and totally lifelike, even to the touch!) phaleanopsis orchid foliage back in stock! Yea!!

This happy little chartreuse fern perfect for completing any space.

Mossy spheres that have been a big request of late from frequent shoppers!

I'm not sure what could be better than these french tulips in orangey-red. They not only look like we had them imported from Holland, they feel like it! Ahhhhhhhh!

I was thrilled to find this giant artichoke sculpture

. Perfect for a coffee table! It's a serious size!

This fern frond with root ball looks as if I picked it right out if the woods behind my house! Oh, so cute.

An assortment of teeny tiny succulents, just perfect for windowsills or deep ledges.

I picked up these rose bushes that could have come straight from the finest nursery. They are ready to "plant" (including the plastic nursery pots!). This shot was taken looking up in my stock room. I couldn't reach them to pull them down, but I think you can still get the vision on their realistic dramatic beauty. I love that color!

It feels good again! After my weekend trip to a favorite supplier, the buckets and full again and the feel of Spring abounds. I hope you'll drop in and see for yourself.


shannon said...

What delicious finds!

They are all very beautiful and look very lifelike!

The tulips are such a needed burst of color right about now! And I love those mossy shperes!

What is most facinating to me, though, are the rose bushes! I never knew their was such a thing as artificial rose bushes! That must have been created by someone in the east who got frustrated with the many set backs that come from growing roses here...

shannon said...

P.S.--Whose got your beautiful silk tulips that used to be in the chapel?...did you take those back or are they in the clerks office, still...

Now would be a more appropriate time for those rather than in December when they still had them sitting up on the stand!

southerninspiration said...

Oh, so, so pretty!!!


michelle said...

I've never seen artificial rose bushes or succulents! You always find artificial flowers that are so much more lifelike than any others I see.

Anonymous said...

Great pics!