Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Meet Eddie!

I'm so happy to say that we made some major progress today! Of course, that was after Sneelock and I worked until 11:30 the night before installing the brackets and rods for the fabric books and furniture fabrics.

I made a decision to keep my silk library. Ah, the wonder of silk! There is a wonderful range of silks in solid taffeta's, satin stripes, embellished embroidered silks, printed wonders...the list goes on and on! For those of you who enjoy textiles, they are quite a joy. Take a look at the pile of books I brought over from the previous design studio:

While working on organizing and sorting by vendor and size, one of my cutest clients came in. Enter Eddie and daughter, Wendy. Eddie has been a darling repeat customer of mine for as long as I can recall. She was admiring a table that I had fashioned out of a tall table base and a large floor mirror! I agreed with her that I liked the look. Our conversation went something like this, and from that moment,I knew that I would need to share this one.

Eddie: "That table is great!"

Susan: "It is, isn't it! It's cute, but it's not very functional."

Eddie: "...just like us!"

That pretty much says how I am functioning these days! I guess by my tired appearance, it was pretty apparent. Eddie then indulged me with a self portrait for this purpose.

So, meet my cute friend, Eddie, with the greatest sense of humor! She lit up my day.

I had to tell Eddie that several years ago, my own darling Mother said, "I'm too old to be pretty , but I can still be cute!" We both decided that we would also settle for cute! And now, I'll look forward to the next time this cute lady comes to visit. Thanks, Eddie!


shannon said...

tee hee--that is so funny that she said that!

michelle said...

I think I'm too old to be pretty, too, but I can aspire to be cute!

(Your crazy schedule doesn't seem to be showing on your face -- how do you do that?)

Lee said...

You still got it Susan! You never have to worry.