Thursday, March 5, 2009

World's greatest painting crew!

Up at 6:00am
Makeup and hair
Dress for a day of painting
Personal reading
Quick email check
Pack lunch
Check list, check again
Pack van (don't forget ladders)
Meet crew on job site at 8:00am

This is how the day began.I did pretty well until it came to the "dress for a day of painting" item on the list! First of all, what shoes am I going to wear? Ugh. I have an entire closet full of shoes, but none really suitable for painting. While musing over the selection for shoes, I then realized that all of my pants are basically hemmed for heels....this compounds the shoe situation. Well, you get the picture. I don't have much of a wardrobe for a day of painting. Searching through my closet, I found a pair of jeans-the kind that shrink every time you wash them-perfect! After a few edits, I came across an old pair of clogs that seemed appropriate for ladder climbing, kneeling, stirring, dripping, wiping and cleaning.

The rest of the list was a cinch. The what to wear was the show stopper. Due to the final pick, expect no self portraits on this post!

The room is shaping up nicely for one day of work! Generally, I have one of my painters that we use on our design projects who steps in and donates his time for the purpose of a greater cause. This year, none of my painters were available and guess who filled in as my main man.......

Yep, Sneelock!

Sneelock, head painter, painting the ceiling with a very wide 12" roller! I'll post the colors for you later, but I have selected a very interesting taupy grey with a bit of brown in it. I'm painting a very wide awning stripe around the entire room. More tips to come!
My black accent! This is a wall of paneling with bookcases on either side of the fireplace. One of my favorite contractor subs fashioned new shelves, a good 5 inches deeper than the original ones and added another layer to the mantle to enable me to detail and layer to my heart's content.
This is Nick and his brother, Ian, putting the finishing touches for today, on the Tricorn Black accent wall.
So there's just a peek at the beginning of the transformation!
I'll keep you posted as we progress.
Thanks, Sneelock. You're my hero.


Jill said...

Wow, it's looking great! Sneelock is my hero!

shannon said...

I would PAY to see the outfit you came up with! Maybe I'll have to cozy up to Fred to give me the details! tee hee :)

Sounds like a good day's work!
Love the Tricorn Black! I still think of you everytime I open one of my black doors! I was so skeptical--but in the end, you were right on!

michelle said...

Sneelock is my hero too!!

Bond Girl 007 said...

wow, painting the ceiling has a trick to it, I am sure he did fabulously well. I love the black accent and the extra space for the mantel can't wait to see what magic you come up with !