Monday, May 18, 2009

Rocky Mountain Style!

It's quite difficult to document via photo the true majestic nature of the Rocky Mountains. As you know, my blog is all about style, and my all too brief visit to Vail, Colorado, has already been the source of many real sightings of style!

From the new recipes we are trying to the mountain homes supreme, my time here has been wonderful, relaxing, and full of entertainment from my darling family (grandchildren, daughter, sister, brother in law, nephew, nieces, and, of course.....Sneelock!)

I'll see if I can share with you just tiny look at the style that surrounds me in the next few posts.

Our mountain retreat for the next week! A stylish mountain home with a mere 10,000 sq. ft. that will house the entire family members who could meet, with room to spare! Interior knotty pine gourmet kitchen so apropos for this area. The knotty pine was used for all the interior trim and doors as well. The evenings are fabulously cool and with windows cracked, it's the sleep of the all dreams. Mornings come early with the sun rising above the mountains, with crisp, clean air not known to us in the East! (I will say that this 9000 ft above sea level elevation has been a challenge with my asthma...)

The Colorado aspen are just beginning to leaf out! These native trees, flanked by the beauty of the pines is breathtaking.

Each afternoon we find time to walk around the area and I always spot some interesting and stylish homes that I try not to covet! Look at this mountain cottage of log cabin construction, with stone appointments. I can picture myself at home in the charm of this home.

I simply adore the arched roof over the front door. Who could live here? I certainly could!

On our walk this afternoon, I spotted this fence made of tree cuttings! Perfectly charming.

Along the path, we came across this stream (which are plentiful!) with what looked to be a former beaver dam, deserted. There is still a fair amount of snow at this elevation, which adds to the beauty.

I love the skyline of the pine trees and distant mountains as pictured here.

The sun setting behind the Rocky Mountains, the perfect ending to our brisk walk for today.

Stay tuned for more style sightings to come.....and possibly some documentation of not so stylish local decor!


michelle said...

What, no style documentation from the yarn shop?

I'm just thrilled to see you actually relaxing -- a rare sight indeed.

Jill said...

Wow, what a stunning house and surroundings!