Sunday, July 19, 2009

Season Kickoff!

Believe it, or not, we began the 2009 Holiday Season sales on Saturday by selling our first two Christmas ornaments!!

Kim and I were laughing about the evidence of the "glitter season" everywhere, including on her toes from open shoes, when this cute friend came in for another purchase and was taken by the ornaments that were being priced. It happens frequently, to be honest. When the ornaments are being checked in and priced, and are visible to the shoppers, sure enough, they cannot be resisted.

I guess I was a little sad and a little happy at the same time...Christmas will be here all too soon and summer isn't even over yet! I have to confess though, that when I take a stroll through the basement and see the treasures that are coming in, I do get a little excited about the coming season!

So, there you have it! At Black-eyed Susan, we've had the season kickoff! Thanks, Mary!

Don't worry, there's still fall and Halloween ahead of Christmas!


Jill said...

I am always so rooted in the current season that I rarely get excited for the next one until it's close; that means I'm definitely NOT buying ornaments in July.

michelle said...

Wow, Christmas in July, eh? I guess in retail you're always looking ahead, but I'm not ready.

Charlotte said...

I can't believe you're already putting out Christmas stuff! Can't wait to see the new Christmas style!

Susan said...

Just to be clear...we're not putting it out!! Just pricing it, and when the clients see it, well...we sell it if they want it!

Some specialty ornaments are in small backstock, so early purchasing is a pretty good idea!

I'm not sure that I recall another Christmas selling season starting off so early! I'm thinking it's a good indication for this year's sales!!

Denise said...

Ah--the season of glitter will soon be upon us!