Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner of Champions!

Fresh baked All Bran cranberry muffins (mini!) on the way to work in the car. Great recipe, courtesy of my sister Denise (and All Bran!) . Only 1 point for two!! Plenty of fiber, no protein...

The best I could do...peanut butter and spun honey sandwiches. One for lunch, one for dinner. I should have a minute to eat one right before the crowd hits tonight. High fiber bread, a little protein, and yummy, yummy spun honey! If you have never had this kind of honey, we import it from Utah (courtesy of my daughter, Michelle)! It is usually in my Christmas stocking and any other occasion that we meet. Cox's delicious creamed honey,nature's delight. That should do it, then!

I wonder if the event group would be happy with this for our treat? That may just happen.

Well, all my best intentions of blogging about the upcoming Trinity Church House Tour...(VERY cool properties!!) were seriously dashed after arriving home last night from work around 11:00pm. What can I say, our first event tonight ("Change is in the air"), loads of new and fabulous new inventory to put out, and sales during the day dictated some refreshing on the whole. All in all, I was pleased and felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

(And, the wonderful foot rub at midnight from Sneelock was a fine reward to boot!)

So, I'm off for another day. Rummaging through the kitchen to find fare for the day proved challenging, as my normal grocery shopping time (that would be about 9:00pm each Saturday night...) was overlooked last week due to reworking the store after a massive blowout sale.
Hmmm. What can I take for lunch and for dinner? Never mind breakfast!

Jackie, you might as well just shut down right now and read no further! (Jackie is my friend and project manager who has lost boatloads of weight of late eating a perfectly healthy and controlled died of organic fresh foods. (I really need to do that. Put that on the list of "things to do".)
Sorry about the photos at the top! Holy Moly, if I don't get this stupid program to cooperate with allowing me to cut and paste, or select and drag, I may just have to sign off, just use your Anne of Green Gables imagination and imagine the photos in the right place, after the copy. Time to do this sort of "fixing" is just not on my side!


emily said...

Mmm, I love those bran muffins! I have some Craisins in my lunch sack today what I would love to eat inside of a muffin instead of plain.

And you definitely can't go wrong with anything made with that honey. Again, mmm.

Good luck catching up from your late nights. I'm glad that things are going well in your store!

Love you!

michelle said...

I still don't have the recipe for those muffins... but I am glad to see that you are taking something, anything to eat during your crazy work hours!!

Jill said...

I don't know how you manage to go, go, go all the time with the little amount of food and rest you get! Thank heaven Sneelock is there to help you and to provide food rubs and a listening ear.

Charlotte said...

I love champion foods! Seriously. They just make me a little bit happier.