Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Still here!

Good grief! My last week has been a crazy one to say the least. After a quick long weekend to Charlotte to celebrate the first birthday of my granddaughter Fiona (and her father, Timm), an overnight trip to Charleston for a day of work at my favorite project of all times (!), a long 13 hour drive back home, a 12 hour day of work getting ready for the blowout sale at Black-eyed Susan, followed by three more 12 hour days of selling, recovering, selling, recovering, selling and finally re-merchandising the entire store.....well, I'd say that's been one crazy long week.

(How would you like to be the "guest of honor" helping me, enter stage right: Linda)? Other than freshly pressed 600 count sheets, there wasn't a whole lot of perks in this trip! But, thanks to my stylish and hard working friend and Chief Financial Officer, we survived and the store is now fully engulfed in the spirit of Fall.

  • Long trip.

  • BIG sale.

  • New windows.

  • New merchandise.

  • Tired crew.

  • Come see the magic.

  • Blogging catchup is next....


Jill said...

Welcome back! I feared your computer woes were keeping you from posting, so I'm happy to read that it was just you're insanely busy schedule instead!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Yes, welcome back and I am most curious about any developments over at Suzanne's bedroom...please share!

emily said...

Whew, that week sounds crazy! I'm so glad that you're back and as sylin' as ever. I can't wait to see pictures of your fall decor!

michelle said...

Crazy for sure. I was going to say I hope things slow down for you, but when is that really realistic??

Lee said...

Yeah! Your back! Your blog is working! Missed it. Gotta put some pics though. Can't wait until Thursday night.
I absolutely adore Charleston. One of my favs.

Suzanne said...

Welcome home - again - and back to blogland!

Man-oh-man, you sold a lot of stuff. Congratulations on your blow-out sale success! The store almost looked empty today...but beautiful, as always. I can't believe that beautiful sofa AND the ottoman are gone. (Like you said, though, where are we all going to sit Thursday night?) lol! ;)

I wish I could help you with the blogging as far as the makeover is concerned. The best i can do is forward my photos (and I potograph just about EVERYTHING b4 & after) for you to share w/ your blog followers!

Since taking that mission bed apart and putting it up on those really cool bed legs, the room looks fab already. Even minus the drapes, wall art, accessories, etc. Can't wait for that upholstered headboard!!

Thanks for all you do, susan. good night.

p.s. In addition to the beautiful tray i bought at your store, I found some more "stuff" tonight elsewhere - hope they pass your approval. :-)

Susan said...

To Suzanne! Yea! What did you purchase? I can't wait to hear. I am looking forward to putting the room together and having that rush when the design stands to shine on it's own!! You have done a lot of work to get this ready to unveil!

To all those following the makeover, we should be ready to post our results within the nextt 3 or 4 weeks. Stay tuned!

If I can get home one night before 10:00pm and put the homework to rest, I'll be pleased to post some photos of out in=progress work!

Thanks for the interest.