Sunday, September 27, 2009

Let The Party Begin!

Last weekend my friend, Linda and I set the stage for a cool party for my friend and blog follower, Marie! It was kind of a "save the date" party honoring her daughter, Arianna and her fiance, one year to the date prior to their marriage.

Marie has a fabulous home and it didn't take much imagination to pull it off. Set the stage with multiple 2-chair table toppers covered with navy cloths to the floor and burlap overlays, an entryway fit for a ball, a kitchen any master chef would enjoy cooking in, and you have all the components for a real party!

Ariel and Marie wanted something simple, yet elegant, with a designer feeling. Voila! Take a look at the final result.

We used our glass within glass idea to create a long and magical candlelit centerpiece on two different tables. Note the slim ferns and galax leaves submerged in the water. Marie wanted the water tinted a pale lime green. It was a good choice.

A closeup showing the tint of the water and accent leaves.

Each table top had a trio of three vases where we used submerged baby catllyea orchids, ferns, and green roses in various combinations. Such a cheerful combination! Under each trio of vases,we placed photos of the bride and groom, who have been friends since High School! The photos overlapped each other and were placed slightly under the glass vases, but were strategically placed in order to see the faces of the darling couple.

One of my personal favorites!

Marie handed over this beautiful vintage compote when I queried her for something pretty to float some of the flowers in. Look closely and you will see the tiny glass bubbles I added!

Those ferns just speak to my heart!

Marie had these dried hops in her window, acting as valances. I have loved these hops for years, and in fact, not long ago had purchased some for my fall window display. They have a very pungent odor at first, and my staff promptly deemed them unacceptable! They ended up in the basement until they finally made it to the dumpster...and they weren't cheap!!Why did I give in? Marie confirmed that the odor does not last long. In my opinion, it was no big time, I'll hold my own! Great choice, Marie. Love those hops!

Check out this large glass straight-sided vessel filled with baby orchids. With the tint of lime green water, breathtaking!

A good photo of the dining room table scape. Dotted with long burning tea lights, the look is really inspiring and romantic.

And here is the team! Marie on the far left, Linda in the center and Susan (what's with the pale that for real?!) Marie was slaving over a hot stove cooking vats of rice and shrimp scampi for 50! (What was she thinking?!)
Now, let's see what the wedding looks like one year from now! The bride is a darling and stylish teeny tiny thing (much like her mother!) and I've had a sneak peek at the gown!
If you're having an event and need some inspiration, give us a call.


michelle said...

hops, huh? Who knew?

Those ferns definitely speak to my heart as well. And the green roses!

Charlotte said...

I love the ferns! And I'll just say once more that I'm glad you're back to blogging!!

Marie said...

From the bottom of my heart I thank both you and Linda again for making my home look so elegant. It was enjoyed by all that attended the party.