Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 3 Jewelry Overload!

The first day of the Cash and Carry jewelry buying is always exhausting, while exhilarating at the same time. This market, both Linda and I felt that there were much larger crowds than usual. Good and bad. Good, because that may mean the buyers are more confident in consumer shopping. Bad because you just can't take a step due to crazy crowds. And, I might say that the crowds can be quite entertaining to say the least!

Every year, I chide myself for not documenting how the crowds are, really. Cameras are strictly forbidden on the sales floor, so sneaking a photo was challenging...thus, I didn't get the perfect shot to give the real picture.

I mean, really, the crowds are more like a sea of shoppers. It might be rather like that trampling sale at David's Bridal...this photo just can't give you the real feel of things. It's back to back women and a few men here and there. (As you can see, not everyone wears fashionable shoes...)

This is a view of just one of the isles. Can you tell that graphites/ grays and pearls were the item of the day? Don't worry, I'm bringing back plenty to choose from.

At one of our favorite booths, we found out next hairdo. Do you keep a "hair-file"? My hairdresser always loves it when I pull mine out...but how cute is this cut? I did nearly get thrown off the sales floor by a "fashion police" for sneaking this one, even with her permission!

Side shot of seriously cute new haircut! It's definitely a consideration!

Next stop, a favorite ribbon vendor. Silk hand-dyed ribbons, wonderful colors and fabulously luxurious. I first came to know this vendor when I designed a hat and hair accessory line for Nordstrom some years ago...we reconnected and it was love all over again. The purpose of our stop? I am planning to carry these ribbons by the yard for your use in embellishing your own jewelry! Linda and I brainstormed a class to be held when the new jewelry stock comes in with demonstrations and ideas using the silk ribbons to personalize your own jewelry selections. Fun!

This delicious silk velvet ribbon was to die for! The owner of the company was a delight and cut several generous lengths for me to "play" with and delight over. So darling.

Don't you agree that these beautiful taupe-y gray silk ribbons will be perfect for the graphite metals we picked out?! Oh, yes.

This is called "rat-tail". It is a wondrous silk cord used for many details. Fabulous colors.

After a long day, we returned to our room around 8:30p.m. Linda started to sort her personal purchases. I snapped this cute photo totally out of focus. I guess that sort of sums up the way we felt after half a day on the jewelry floor and the remaining doing accessory and floral buying-slightly out of focus! She can be seen here modeling a few of our graphite selections.

Okay, I just had to show you this...Linda's personal stash, yes personal. I mean all for her use, to give, to own ,and to be overwhelmed by! She began sorting and it lasted for some time.

I had to stand on my bed in order to get the bird's eye view I needed to try to show the reality of her purchases! (If you've ever seen Linda in person, you'll understand!)

Well, the trends are coming to Black-eyed Susan soon. Massive amounts of metal, charms, ribbon, embellishments, pearls...layers upon layer of jewels. Just wait till you see!

Tomorrow we hit the floors early to find the best art, lamps, mirrors and accents at the market.

Wonder what shoes will take me through the day tomorrow....


Jill said...

That is a really cute hair cut.

Holy cow, that is a lot of jewelry for Linda's personal stash!

Charlotte said...

Oh the magic of the jewelry at market. Whoa. That's just about all I can say.

emily said...

Whoa, as well. Oh, how my heart sings at so much graphite. I may paint my nails that very color tonight to pay tribute.

I may have to file that haircut away myself! If I ever go short, that may be the look for me.

Good luck tomorrow!

emily said...

I almost forgot to comment about the ribbon!!! Happy happy sights. Perhaps you could post some embellishment tutorials for those of us unfortunately too far away to attend your class. :)

michelle said...

What I wouldn't give to accompany you to the cash n carry!! So delightful. And the ribbons make me so happy. Brilliant idea to have the jewelry embellishing class.

Denise said...

I echo Michelle's lament--would that I could attend the cash 'n' carry mart! I'm dying for a close-up look at what's inside all of Linda's bags.

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