Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall, Can it Be?!

This is what greeted me as I rang the bell for my first appointment of the day! What a lovely sight. Last season's offerings from Black-eyed Susan's Fall Wreath Collection! I can recall this one being designed and love the mix of fresh colored fall hydrangeas, complete with kumquats and orange boughs. In 90 degree heat, as I stood at the front door (obviously, not even trying to resist the photo shoot!), it felt like real fall couldn't be far behind. And, am I ever ready.

I had to get another shot with the palladium window and full view of this beauty. Good work, Joanne! I love it when I pull the selection and Joanne does her magic. Voila! Fall Beauty.

Returning back to the studio and retail store, I was greeted by this happy sight! Bright orange and yellow hops, forming a wreath with perfect color and motion. I just love flowers that have movement. This one comes in two sizes and two colors. Yes. Definitely fall must be coming.

Acorns just steal my heart! I have bags of them that I have collected from Fall walks over the years. But, just in case you don' can pick up a bag from the store in gold or olive. Pretty darn cute! These lovely harvest colored apples are called Asian Pears! Whatever...I love them.

Everyone knows that I can't resist a fabulous hydrangea. Look at these marigold and taupe colors. Ahhhhh.

You'll find wonderful bundles of hydrangea, pods, and monstera leaves softening the tabletop visuals. Definitely, Fall.
I'm always ready for the change of seasons. We get a slight jump on things. What can I say, one of the blessings of retail. It's all for the taking.

p.s. I put the glitter spider webs and spiders out last night...


Lee said...

Wow Susan, I am loving it. I might have to take a trip to see them in person today.
Love it love it love it!

Lee said...

Went to your store today and bought some beautiful flowers to work on my last years wreath that had seen better days. I love the way it came out. Sorry I missed you. Check my autumn wreath entry in my blog to see it.

Suzanne said...

I heart that wreath!!!

Denise said...

I want to come shop in your store! NOW.

michelle said...

I love that first wreath! And acorns. And hydrangeas. I just love Fall.