Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mostly Bad!

Isn't this just a great way to scare you away from my market post?! See below for details...I won't be able to give you the complete report due to technical difficulties...sorry. I had no intention of this being the first picture to post...nor the near last. So frustrating.

We got off to a good start this morning! Up and ready to go by 8:30am, dressed in appropriate shoes for the day...after reading the handbook "rules" ..."please choice comfort over style". I will say that this seems to be well taken among most attendees!

We continued scouting out new and old resources for the best ideas and color themes for the 2011 Christmas offerings. Of course, along with finding the best, we stumble onto some of the worst while we are involved in the hunt.

For instance...

Okay, out of total frustration with Blogger, I give up for the night! I had plenty of good photos for you! However, Blogger has for some reason decided to not let me drag, cut and paste, or locate photos in my picture files. gurrrrrrr

How there can be such a plethora of unsightly and downright spooky offerings at any major market cannot be explained. But don't worry, we found plenty of cool ones too. I only wish I could have shown you the "didn't buy this crow" and "did buy this crow"!.

Also, try to imagine a great photo of a closet full of the exact shoes for style over comfort, and you can get the whole picture! Hopefully, tomorrow night, Blogger will be in a cooperative mood and I can get on with things...

Sad, sad, sad, so sad, very sad, WAY sad. SAD.

Catch me again tomorrow night and I'll be hoping for better success.


Charlotte said...

That witch-like doll looks like something Emily would find in the Physics Department! Good luck this week!

Lee said...

Did you see Mary Carol Garrity there? If so please take a photo with her and blog. She's my favorite now. I have all of her books.
I'm so jealous! I want to be there too. Have fun.

michelle said...

You and Linda are a good pair. I don't know too many people who would choose style over comfort for those long days of being on your feet...