Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stylish Finds and Then Some

Just for the record...aforementioned cutest stylish rolling cart at market...(a little overstuffed at current time with orders, memos, and all items previously noted).

We began our day hitting one of our favorite areas, High Design. This part of the market is filled with stylish vendors who reside on the high side of style-so perfect! I will start by noting several vendors not in the club, so to speak.

Even glitter can't help this one...

Linda and I started the day donned in some of our newly acquired cash and carry treasures. These are some serious jewels! We wondered if we could carry the extra weight of style...and then cheerfully decided that they would take our minds off our tired feet. It seems to work!
We stopped in the booth of one of our favorite linen vendors to take a self portrait. We entertained the entire crowd with our photography antics.

Just another angle for your pleasure.

We found these fabulous new offerings in the same booth: handmade wreaths made from recycled old sheet music! I took a minute to examine how they were made and was overwhelmed with the man hours seemingly involved. I quickly placed an order! SO cool.

Closeup of paper wreath...can you stand it?!

I took this photo of a display of delightful designs, each one more enticing than the next! I love these!!

(Close-up of the embellishment tied on with organza ribbon for your delight)!

The whole booth was just inspiring. One pillow after another with embellishments we love. Like these baby mother of pearl buttons. Borrowing a phrase from my daughter, Michelle, "my heart hurts"!

We ended the day by stopping in another favorite find, in honor of my darling friend and Black-eyed Susan fan, Lisa. She has recently found Mary Carol and fallen in love. We have carried our favorite selections from her line for several years. Watch for more to appear!

Fancy that! It seem that Mary Carol and I share the love of several things...thumbs up!

Blogger has not been cooperating on this trip, thus the non post last night! Here's hoping for a more successful try tomorrow before it gets to be 1:38a.m. Mornings come a bit too early this way.


jt said...

I love those ruffled heart pillows and the baby mother of pearl buttons!

Lee said...

I love it I love it! Thanks Susan. Want to see more!

Denise said...

I shudder to ponder the condition of your poor feet.

I love everything in that pillow showroom! Be still my heart. And as for the C&C treasures? . . . *sigh*

michelle said...

ooohhhh, I love your new jewels! And the pillows.

We had a class on making those wreaths at our last R.S. super Saturday!

Charlotte said...

The paper wreath, the heart pillows. Love it.