Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No More Shoes

Today we packed up and loaded the car and then headed off for one more day of buying. About an hour into the trek, I realized that I had exhausted my shoe wardrobe of anything that could remotely carry me through another day in even slight comfort! It's time to go home.

We spent the day shopping for fun things for the store, as well as a few customer requests that I needed to resource. The market was absolutely empty! It was bliss. No lines. No waiting for the elevator. No crowds in the elevator. On other hand, there were also no salespeople. No food. No complimentary water. You get the picture. The last day of market is only for the die-hards. Anyone who is left roaming the floors is a kindred spirit.

We selected 4 floors that had a concentration of home accents and went to work covering every showroom on each floor.Here are just a few of the great finds that I ordered today for the store. I think you'll be excited as I when they arrive!

Delightful course linen printed chair with colors that were calling my name!

Equally fabulous coffee table (never mind that rug!). Great style. Great size. Great price.

I love this new interpretation of a dining room chandelier with glass drum shades.

Yes! A chartreuse lamp!! Be still my heart.

In another showroom altogether, this artwork themed around, you guessed it, chartreuse!

While perusing multiple art showrooms, I found this very exciting print of a baby grand piano.

I placed an order for this favorite of years past in the hope that my darling friend, Lisa, will fall in love with it for her new Ralph Lauren inspired den now being designed.

Trophy vases. I love them! I have a collection of vintage ones, and I can never get enough. These reproductions are a great fools eye addition, soon to be arriving! (I'm sure Ralph would approve).

A box of old books, made to look even older could not be resisted. I'll find many uses for these treasures.

At the end of the day, we came across this quote by Henry Thoreau! My mother and I used to have favorite calendars with quotes that we would share each day. I kept a file of my favorites, and this was one. It brought back many memories of good times with my hero. Who wouldn't want this as an office statement piece?!

We left the market with a full bag of orders, new resources, and jewels from the cash and carry. Many pair of shoes later,and loaded with piles of purchase orders to sort, new Christmas stories to be revealed next October, preferred resources to share, and too many new ideas for two design minds to hold, we headed for Charlotte, NC.

I'd say we had a successful and productive trip. As for myself, I may have a nap on the plane ride home tomorrow.


michelle said...

I can't believe you found that quote!

Love the trophy vases.

michelle said...

p.s. It's not too hard to imagine you as one of the die-hards...

Charlotte said...

I'm trying to think of a way to re-create those old books made to look like manuscripts. Those are pure delight. And I love the wall art—especially the grand piano. And the Thoreau quote? Too wonderful.

I'm so glad that you get to go home—try to fit in some detox time! Love you lots.

Lee said...

Too Funny Susan! That is the picture that hangs on my wall in my family room. Ha ha Ha. Great minds think alike huh?
Love you

Claire said...

As much as I enjoy shopping I can not imagine doing so all day long for 7 days!
But thanks for sharing your finds!
I love that chair with the print, by the way. it's lovely!