Friday, February 25, 2011

All Lined Up!

We're moving right along with the dining room Restyle!

Next in line, the chairs. I can't believe what a new, fresh look these chairs have! SW Warm Stone is a keeper, for sure. (I think I might like kitchen cabinets in this color...)

We are in the process of selecting fabric for the chair seats. You may recall they were a beautiful (but totally traditional) red and gold repetitive print. So far, we're considering an animal print with taupe and soft blue; soft aqua patent leather; or, warm stone urban graphic print. We've already selected the new drapery.I'll try to photograph it tomorrow and for a preview.

One small mistake was made...the chairs were to be a slightly lighter shade of warm stone. Not.
Check out the lineup of chairs- all, SW Warm Stone. Well, maybe we'll make a change in the color of the table! Some contrast would be interesting.

Here's Terry using the spray bottle gadget I mentioned in the kickoff post. Pretty cool.

...a pretty sight! (Especially when the work is being done by our friend, Terry!

There they are-painted and ready for the final fabric selection and recovering. Nice change.

Our friend has headed home to Utah now, and the rest of the painting will be up to my client. We'll see how the table progresses. From the frustrated phone call I got today, my guess is...not so good!

Keep following for more tips and excitement!

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Suzanne said...

Oh, so cool!

michelle said...

I can't get over how much I love the look of painted furniture. Especially when it is being painted by someone else!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love that color also and have painted two vintage pieces myself.

Lee said...

So calming. I love it. Lisa