Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Restyle Kickoff!

There's lots of exciting things coming up this spring!

My new service, Redesign, is getting a lot of attention and being well received! I have about three Redesign projects going on at present, and I'm going to document each one of them so you can begin to relate to the process.

First launched by Oprah and her friend, Nate, Redesign offers solutions to your rooms that need a special vision and touch to bring the personality to the room and breath fresh life and love into it. The price is affordable and the rewards are great. More information to come about the offerings!

For now, I'm Redesigning my dear friend, Linda's dining room. While in Charlotte last weekend to consult on her new kitchen, we did the one day plan for the new dining room Redesign as well.
That is what is so cool about the Redesign---it's almost instant!

So, here are the before pictures. I have to admit that I quite like the before pictures! This room was done quite a few years ago, soon after I designed one of my favorite rooms for The Jr. League of Greater Princeton show house---a delightful butler's pantry.

Take a look at the before shots of the room:

Brick red walls and ceiling-soon to be gone. We have plans to replace the existing chandelier.
Lots of painted furniture everywhere!

Some of my favorite coll aged plates in empty vintage frames-most likely will be replaced. *sigh*

When this fabric was originally selected, it was cutting edge style! Really. My new idea is to hang the drapery panels high, just under the crown molding and on the outside of the bay.

While this traditional furniture it not our favorite style, we will breath new life into it with a current paint color (wait to see it!). Table, chairs, and china hutch will all be part of the re-invention with a little paint magic.

Just one other wall of collectibles that probably will not make the cut. I can still remember the hours of collecting for the original design!

This unique vintage cabinet will also be reinvented with paint! I have chosen several colors of similar tones-warm stone, taupe-y colors. Not tired of that color yet!

Some of this will be used, but fresh new art and some accents will be necessary to carry off the restyle.

There is modernism in every design project today. It is that modernism that keeps the design fresh and current. I'm not talking over-the-edge contemporary! Modernism is way more classic than that! Cutting edge cool. But not sensational. Just right!

Linda is excited for the change and so am I! Hopefully, the painting is going on as we speak. The details and completion should be done the few days prior to High Point Market in early April.

I have decided to have a contest for a complimentary Redesign where I would offer all of the design fees as a complimentary service. All you have to do is comment on this project as you follow it! It's easy to comment. If you have a google account, you're set. If not, you can sign in as "anonymous" super easy. Anyone who comments will be eligible for the random drawing.
Follow the project and comment as many times as you like!

Let's get started.


Cathy said...

I think I could use your Redesign service in my living room and dining room; they are looking a bit dated. It will be interesting to see the process in this dining room.

I think I remember the butler's pantry in the JLGP house you referred to - it was fabulous!

shannon said...

This redesign service BES is offering is really a great thing!

I can't wait to see the changes that will take place...

I've always admired how you frame your plates and vintage siverware...that's such a pleasing look. I'm sad that you won't be incorporating it into the new look.
Change is hard for me...:(

Denise said...

If that room is ready for redesign, where does that leave my dining room? . . . .

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to watching this process. I have many rooms that could use a "redesign".

michelle said...

I like the way the room is already, so I can't wait to see the redesign!

Anonymous said...

This change is going to be fantastic! Brick Red is great but over used at this point. I love the sophistication you can achieve with a more subtle pallett. It is actually more challenging. I can't wait to see more!

jt said...

I am assuming that you forgot to add a clause prohibiting relatives or employees of BES from entering the Redsign contest? Cause otherwise, I'd *really* like my living room and bedroom done. Keep that in mind for one of these visits, eh?

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to watching this process. I have many rooms that could use a "redesign".

Suzanne said...

This room is going to be just fab! I'm jealous. Red dining rooms are nice (and this one also FAB!), but I agree w/ another poster above. I'm tired of seeing red dining rooms online. I'm sure the owner is over-the-moon with excitement for her new look!
P.S. to jt: I'm sure I'm probably excluded, to as one on the past contest winners. ;-) Besides, how can you "redesign" these rooms of mine that have never been designed in the first place? ;-)