Sunday, April 22, 2012

High Point Style Trend Report Day 3

Rain. 50 degree weather. Mid April. North Carolina...what's wrong with this picture?! We elected to stay in one location today due to the above. Holy Moly. I certainly did not bring shoes for this combination of unfortunate parts of the design puzzle.

We saw some great things and worked almost 12 hours, ending our day with heavier rolling carts, tired feet, and more information than our brains could retain. Design is inspiring! (Well, there are always a few things that should never make the vendor lists...).

I bought these Ming zodiac figures for library accents! (Don't worry, I'm saving several of them for each of my daughters...)

Lots of color again...everywhere! Orange and hot pink high gloss drum chandeliers, Oh. My.   

I couldn't resist these chartreuse porcelain accent vases!

Great graphic rugs everywhere!

Another colorful bounty! The colors were much more vibrant than my photo indicates....all shapes, sizes and styles. Color reigns in accents.

There are still beautiful, delicate colors available. This fabulous French oval table is just waiting for your beach house.

These lidded urns were almost the exact color of Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. As the name implies, it is a calm, soft blue-gray, a personal favorite and often specified in my designs.

On one of our last stops through the High Design halls, I ran across these high polished stainless steel dining chairs! Great price. Great style. (Linda pointed out, however, that a mother could keep busy all day long polishing the fingerprints off). *sigh* The price we pay for style.

I'll leave you with one last design vision! Who wouldn't want to have this art gracing the walls of their laundry room?! I know that's how I look when I do my laundry.

Another full day completed. Many style sightings. 

I won't deny that I'm happy to be in comfy wool socks and fleece lounge clothes, even in North Carolina.


michelle said...

So much to comment on.

1. What possessed you to bring wool socks on this excursion anyway? It was a record-breaking 86 degrees here yesterday!

2. So glad you thought of me when you ordered those anthropomorphic monks with animal heads.

3. Those glossy drum chandeliers are pretty much to die for! I think that's what we need over our table.

Suzanne said...

Love, love, love all the color!

Those vases are way cool, as are the ottomans.