Sunday, May 6, 2012

The "Wow!" Room !

Linda and I hosted our room, The Dining Room, at the Bucks County Designer House Gala tonight.
"Wow!" was the exclamation of the night. I can say, that it was extremely  well received by all. We were so pleased that there was a particularly large number of men who exclaimed their approval. High Gloss Benjamin Moore Crushed Velvet was the backdrop color. White accents added contrast. 

Patrons commented most on the room color, the porcelain cherries (scattered on the tabletop), the totally lifelike succulents, table finish, rhinestone appointed tufted chairs, rug...chandelier...mantle stallion...oh. dear. I guess the whole package!

We snapped a few photos during times when the room wasn't filled to capacity...

Metallic veneered side chests with glamorous mirrors... (and I love the warm stone colored lidded urns flanking the fireplace). I do love the drapery panels...

Many times during the evening, the size of our room could not hold the interested patrons. We greeted everyone personally and answered questions about the design process, what's and whys, and gave each visitor a photo of the room with an enticing coupon to visit Black-eyed Susan. Many of our guests identified themselves as Besusan blog followers (!) and reminisced about past designer room favorites.
One darling visitor who introduced himself as Bill exclaimed, "If you can't have fun in a room like this, then there's just something wrong!" We had a lively conversation with him about his take on the room (all good!) and thought we should have had him give us an endorsement for an ad! He came back by and we told him that we had quoted him several times over.

The food was delicious. New and old familiar faces greeted us enthusiastically. We received many promises for first time visits and many more for return visits from our regular supporters. The weather cooperated! Not a single raindrop until we arrived home. 

All in all, a good time was had by all and we felt satisfied with the delivery of our high gloss, lipstick pink dining room!

Here's to another successful year at the Bucks County Designer House 2012. 

Come see the magic.

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Lee said...

Wow is right! That is very impressive. By the way how sweet do you and Linda look in that pic! I love the fuschia on you. Wow to you too!