Monday, July 16, 2012

Atlanta Market Report...winding down.

About this time in our Market work, everything has lost it's appeal. We wander into showrooms that early in the trek would they just seem "ok".  I can always tell when we've seen enough and the offerings are not keeping our interest. Generally these last few days are spent filling in the blanks and doing the last minute sources for special projects and retail operation.

On a positive note, the halls are filled only with the die-hards. The elevators are easily called and you aren't touching elbows with the masses. Sadly,the showrooms are no longer offering lunch or snacks. It's time to go. One more day.

Most of my followers know of my love for plates as art. Even with the trend towards modernism, I love my plates! Today I found these warm stone colored plates that will allow to add a wall of plates as art into some of my current design plans. I can't wait! (Of course, they can be used for dining as well...).

I'm skipping to something else....blogger is totally not cooperating tonight. Ugh. I ordered these bamboo containers in three, peacock and chartreuse!!! I have the warm stone ones in the store right now. They are fabulously light and very affordable. All good.


The same cool Canadian firm had these metal retro stools in grey, white and orange high gloss enamel. The shorter ones are sooooo comfy for me! They were rather expensive and I considered them an indulgence as an office expense, so I passed but still drooled over them.

Back to my plates and platter...check out this cool shape to go along with the dinner and salad plates. These will make the perfect wall of art with some of the upholstered furniture I have in currently. Or....maybe they'll end up at my home in the new look! (You can have them too....just let me know!)

...closeup to show correct color. Yes. I'm loving these.

 I ordered these burlap place mat it printed patterns! They're very inexpensive and when treated they will last for several events. Of course, the perfect colors of warm stone and natural burlap. Watch for these to be coming in soon. About $6.00 each.

 On our list of needs was bedding for a 15 year old young man. Now that's a difficult assignment! Nothing too metro, nothing sweet, nothing too young...there are many restrictions. When we found this ensemble, (or parts of fleur de lys or Ikat for this boy), we felt like we struck oil! Chevron pattern in ivory and charcoal. We intend to add orange into the mix for some great accent pillows. The room is also painted charcoal.
Hope you like it, Blake!

 If you recall the Bucks County Designer Room I designed, this pillow fabric was my draperies for the room. What do you think of these striking drapery panels in horizontal stripes? Love. Them. I'm thinking something like this for my new family room look...perhaps.

 Our last stop was to select tissue for the summer and Holiday season for the retail packaging. We followed the trend and added these dusty aqua's, metallic teal and silver dots for Holiday 2012.

 For summer, this stylish aqua hounds tooth and coordinating raffia ribbon. Who wouldn't want to receive a gift like that?!

 We added this orange dot for the summer as well. I neglected to get a photo of the two of us today, but you would have appreciated the color coordination...Linda in a coral voile blouse and black/white
 50's inspired full skirt with coral in a grey and orange chevron maxi skirt and charcoal cardi. It was a sweet color story!

Tomorrow will be a short day. We have a few showrooms to hit and then we plan to leave a bit early to stop at a wholesale/retail favorite for pillows and current fabrics. Time permitting, we'll most likely make a stop at the Atlanta H&M for some personal style!

Till tomorrow. See you on Pinterest!


Lee said...

Those plates are devine Susan. They remind me of the ones I bought from you for my moms room that were yours. Love them. I also love the color selection for your ribbons and paper beautiful.

michelle said...

I am in love with those plates. And the tissues! And the striped curtains.