Saturday, July 14, 2012

Style Report Day 4-All About Color!

Our goal today was to cover four full floors of our favorite showrooms. Lofty.

As we were heading towards the elevators, we took a look at some display windows spotlighting new products. We were drawn to this interesting lamp...

 (closeup of shade)

 How many should I order?!


 We always come prepared to source special needs for clients. I found this spectacular over sized lidded urn in the most fabulous sea salt breathtaking. I can picture it in her dramatic foyer on either side of the front door. (Hope she likes it as much as I!)

 I placed an order for these cream-ware oval compotes. The modern design brings them into the here and now. Can you just picture these filled with mosses and succulents? Yes, please.

 As I stated, color reigned the day. Those of you who know me well, know that I wasn't disappointed in this bevy of beauties. Chartreuse soldiers of drama. Aaah.

 In the world of design, wall coverings are making a big come back in a very graphic way. I could really live with this one. Slate gray, modern, dramatic. Love. This.

We came across these modular cube tables. Exciting colors! Taupe, orange, grey. They are marketed to mix and purchase multiple tables in one solid color and then re-stack-thus, the mix and match!  The high lacquer finish was perfect! A bit price-y, but definitely a consideration . High style.

 Last market, the trend of sculptural art like this was just beginning to emerge. We saw more of it today and I quite like it! I have had several porcelain flowers at Black-eyed Susan since I used them in the Bucks County Designer House in May. (See earlier post.) I've reordered them multiple times. Watch to see these soon at my store. It's a great alternative to framed wall art. (For more ideas on "My Idea of Art" check out my Pinterest board with this title).

 How would you like this glamorous leaded glass as a centerpiece?! It was filled only with a number of heart shaped exotic leaves in graduating lengths. (There's a little distraction behind it with the orange...but what better color to distract?!)

 There is still a large influence of French inspired furniture. The mix of this classic style punctuated with modern accents is so stylish! I took notes on this great cupboard with French wire doors for a project I'm just beginning in Bucks County. Pale grey blue, slightly distressed and with dramatic height. It's perfect.

 Towards the end of the day, we stopped in another rug showroom and landed on this taupe and citron Ikat design rug! Kristy, this could be you! Great sizes and prices-good combination. I love a good deal as much as the next person. Success.

Here's another example of the power of color. You've heard me say before that "paint is my magic wand"...look at this! Persimmon accents. I'll also tell you that any stag, deer, or moose with horns is an important motif currently. We saw loads in all colors and sizes. I just finished a dining room project for a favorite client . We hung a wall full of assorted white ceramic safari mounts. Pretty cool! I'll post some photos of that soon.

I also spent some time musing on ideas for my own home re-style. There's so much stimulating stylish options out there. I can't wait and I'm sure you'll enjoy the progress reports as I move forward.

Another successful day and a few more to come. Stay tuned for more pure style.


michelle said...

Wow, that really runs the gamut! There's no accounting for people's taste.

Charlotte said...

I love knowing that the colors I picked for Babe's bedroom are so trendy now (orange and gray)! And I must say that I'm pleased I thought of them on my own--my mind is thinking with the trends!