Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Power of Pattern

 Pattern is making such a statement in Interior Design! It's pretty exciting too. Today, we spent the day shopping and selecting rugs for my retail store, Black-eyed Susan (and a few for my new personal interior project at home!)

Like many of my clients, my house of 10 years really needs a face lift. There is nothing that doesn't match or isn't interesting...that being said, it's just not stylish anymore! Traditional patterns have given way to modern graphic patterns. The new neutral is greige instead of gold. Pops of color give interest in accents and bold wall coverings. Where a few years ago, it was just emerging and showing a "trend", today it is full blown style. I like style! I'm feeling like right now, there is nothing stylish about what I am living with, so I'm changing that. You can watch for more details about that.

My friend and sales rep, Barbara, helped me jump in today with a vast selection of graphic rugs, all sizes, colors and patterns. I purchased a great selection for the store as well, so my clients and followers can jump on board too!

In the intensity of the day, I left my camera tucked in my rolling the end of the day I flogged myself for such silliness.  I texted Barbara and she sent me a few photos. I hope you'll watch the retail floor as it changes seasons and incorporates a nice selection of new rugs-all styles and colors, something for everyone. Prices are great and selection will not be beat. We'll have a bevy of professionals to help you make selections and a fantastic catalog of additional choices for quick delivery and immediate gratification.

The second part of my day was spent oooohing and aaaahing over the most fabulously stylish and realistic succulents ever! Really. They just keep getting better. I had a difficult time resisting any of them and walked away with a great selection that will be exciting to incorporate with our 4th quarter mix.

Lastly, we came up with an alternative to our famous signature wreaths. About six months ago we stopped offering our custom designed signature wreaths. After repeated requests, and realizing that our customers were not very happy with that, I came up with the idea of creating showy door baskets that can be changed out with seasonal impact floral selections. I designed my offerings for fall, holiday and spring today! I'm excited to share the first design with you as soon as they arrive.

Here is a quick look at some of the pattern direction and color in rugs, indoor and out.

Tomorrow...Cash and Carry Jewelry! I'm coming home with a stash.

Got to get bed earlier tonight to be ready for the onslaught tomorrow.

These rugs are outdoor rugs! Once a gain, bold pattern reigns.

And just to let  you know, we are not to be left out...take a look at our closet! Bold colors... and graphic design! It's all about style.


Lee said...

Wow love your closet pics. The shoe colors are fab. Okay so I have to post that your home is lovely. I can only imagine what you will do to it with all the options that are out right now. Your hubby is so good. Rob cringes everytime I go "Hmmmmm" when I look at a room. Right now we are in the middle of doing my dinning room over again. I'm so excited for you. Can't wait to see the finished product and hope you invite me to your tag sale.
Just put my name on everything your getting rid of and it will save you alot of trouble. Hee Hee.
Your number one fan, Lisa

michelle said...

I can only imagine what cute things are in store for your house...