Thursday, August 9, 2012

Color Makes My Heart Sing!

I've been asked to do another whole house project in Charleston, SC. 

It's always a pleasure to work in the South...even nicer if we try to install it in early winter instead of mid summer! Last December, Jackie and I flew down to take a look at the project. It was inspiring and exciting! As we drove through the downtown suburb, Jackie made the comment, "This is beautiful. It's like Bucks County meets the Live Oaks"! She was correct. The neighborhood was full of historic charm, lush vegetation and  live oak trees with Spanish moss! Bucks County and Charleston married into one fabulous neighborhood. We knew we were off to a good start and a project that we would enjoy. I think you'll enjoy following our progress.

 You'll have to admit, it's a pretty happy pallet! I've always been a lover of color and this vision of chartreuse, coral, cream and taupe just makes my heart sing! 

We proposed it to our client and she did not hesitate. *sigh*
We're out of the gate and running!

 We'll be using some graphic and colorful papers for the dining room, powder room, master vestibule and possibly foyer...

We selected graphite and coral for the great room, a slight variation on the theme.
Can you just imagine the fun we'll have with accessories and art?!

You can watch for some further updates over the next few months! It will take most of the remainder of 2012 to complete the design, but I'll keep you posted for a fun ride. 

Yes, definitely installation in early February! A great time for a trip to Charleston. 

Come see the magic.

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