Saturday, August 18, 2012

Newest Introductions!

Those of you who know my routine, know that Wednesday night is when the magic happens.

Last Wednesday night was a long night of transformation. *sigh*

The first of my fall offerings found their way out of the stockroom and almost every major surface was re-merchandised due to 5 large new pieces of art that were hung. Quite a team effort. Sneelock, myself, Anne and Shannon. Anne fueled our energy at the beginning of the effort with her delicious seviche,guacamole and chips. Fabulous, I might say.

Then, we set out to flip the store and give new life to the 8000 square feet of showroom. I have a great team. Creative. Fun. Talented. Hardworking. Visionary....a pretty good formula. Let's just say, it makes the "night shift" possible and sometimes even enjoyable.

A peek into my new front window...yes, it's all about style!

This season it's all about "fresh cuts" in permanent botanicals. It looks as if we have gone out into the yard and pruned our favorite maple or birch. I love it.

 We sorted through the new fall offerings and of course, I had several motifs of crow-related objects! I may have cut down on whimsical Halloween, but I've always got to have a few crows and a little bit of glitter (see the framed crow print in black glitter frame!)

The color peacock cannot be denied in this season's color pallet. It's importance is being seen in art,
accessories and fabric alike. Several months ago, I painted this vintage console in a Sherwin Williams color to herald the trend. I've gotten lots of great comments and put it to good use! Love it.

 If you are looking for great aspen leaves, here you are. Shannon designed this dramatic and breathtaking focal point using our fall leaves, the aspen and various berries.The table is supported all around with stems for the taking. Beautiful. Fresh. Oh so Fall.

I'm so excited to announce our new idea for your front door! Black-eyed Susan has been so well known for years for our signature grande wreaths. This year, I've introduced an idea that you can easily design yourself (or with a little help from me and my staff)!  This door basket will easily take you from season to season with the simple change of a new selection of your favorite picks. Holiday, spring and summer will be just as stunning as this fall selection. 

One more feature of a realisticc Fall branch cutting. I love this!

 So there you have it. Your own preview of the real magic that happens on Wednesday night when the merchandising crew comes in. Looks like Thursdays could be the day to find the newest looks.

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Lee said...

No! I'm not ready for fall yet. OMGosh! So quick. I'm sure the store looks fab! As always.