Sunday, August 12, 2012

Instant Gratification

We have a current ad running right now that has the tag line 

"Fresh Inventory for Immediate Gratification"

It's pretty much the truth. Today, we had a very satisfying retail day on all accounts. Early in the day, a darling client who pretty much depleted me last weekend by purchasing 10 significant furniture pieces, came in and we laid out and designed accessories for three important areas;

1. The living room mantle
2. The living room coffee table
3. An accent table in the living room.

This is a service we offer in the retail store. If you bring measurements, photos and enough for me to design from, I will lay out several ideas and stage the design. After several suggestions and layouts, the customer takes several photos as a tutorial to re-create my design on her own at home. It's fulfilling for both myself and my client! Indeed, it is the immediate gratification that my ad speaks of. Perfectly placed details. Love. It.

This is the coffee table design we decided on. 

Immediate gratification. Come in for some of your own!

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