Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday night magic...Wow!

I gave you just a glimpse of the chaos last Wednesday...spilling into a very late, or should I say early Friday am! Ann and I completed the floor change on Saturday in between clients and retail advice. Tonight we spent our time in a rather leisurely fashion ( very nice)! We added interesting accents and small details, tweaked and then did a little self - congratulating on our end result. This was one of those times when I could look around and find interest and perfect placement in every direction. I love the new look and hope you will be inspired too.

We finished a bit early tonight, and I will share a few of my favorites over the next few nights. I find it somewhat easier and less time consuming to post via my iPad, as well as frustrating to not have the same options for control. I guess in the lateness of the hour, the speed and convenience wins.

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I plan on writing a book on mantles. I'm well known for creative and a bit outside the box thinking when it comes to them. Classes regarding the how-tos and visionary thinking are among the most popular. You will always find some inspiration as well as complimentary help to do your own when you visit my retail store. Bring your photos, measurements and surrounding area visions. Either I or one of my staff will give plentiful ideas and layout direction! Snap a photo of the custom design and go home armed with the goods to create your own. * love the ceramic cherry* Come in on Saturday to see the white shadow boxed frames filled with inspiration!

Another mantle-like design. We created an entire organic room in the quaint stone fireplace room. Ann filled this oversized birdcage with a large clock, mirror, books and additional cool organic objects. It's all the rage, really. Mix it in with your traditional accents to make an interesting look.

Enlarge this to see a large trough like container that I filled with logs and cuttings from the woods around my home! I tucked in a few succulents, a small clock, some rolled birch matts and some favorite ceramic , stylish taupe vessels. Add the ephemra ( document printed) lampshade, a small bust of Napoleon and some loose book pages and the story sings. The acrylic art of printed vintage books is part of a triptych . I split it up due to height restrictions. It's totally quirky, and I love it!

Sometimes a console can stand in for a mantle in a room without one. This mirrored and antiqued rustic console is the setting for a library feeling collection of globes, standing photo frames, coveted book collection and oversized pendulum clock. I added a glass cylindrical vase with the most realistic artificial basil and pussy willows! (Really, you didn't think of that?!). I love the oversized paper art behind it. Interesting, organic and neutral.

I had a hard time getting the perfect angle on this foyer mantle. I couldn't get far enough away straight on. The impact focal point is a collection of 8 of my private botanical collection as photographed by Fred. Always classic, always fabulous and perfect for any room...dining room, library, office, great room or powder room. In all, over 80 original images to choose from . There is a great story and history behind them. A lantern filled with interest, oversized clock, lamps, herb topiary s and of course the magic of books completes the scene. *ahhhhhh*

That's it for tonight. I have a lot of other inspirations for you, yet to share.

Stay tuned!

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linda said...

Love the acrylic art of vintage books and the orange flowers. So far, pretty awesome,show us more please!!