Monday, October 21, 2013

High Point Market 2013 Day 4

We had another day of style sightings and fresh inspirations.

Each of us experienced tender feet but pressed on in stylish shoes...we had multiple comments almost hourly regarding the orange rolling briefcases...wish I had a secret stash to sell.

I have noticed that there is an abundance of fabulous ottomans and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. Look for color, shape, pattern, size and form....every one more darling than the next! Ottomans can be used as small benches, extra seating, foot resting or simply a stylish accent. It seems to be a key ingredient in today's current room. Pick your favorite and give me a call!

Kilm covered ottoman in front of bench...

I love this ottoman used in conjunction with two corner chairs to make an interesting conversation stylishly thought out.

Color, pattern and shape!

(Another view, ignore the sun factor),

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Color and texture + unique shape. Use as small benches for extra seating.

Cutest ever pink! Naturally, Linda spotted this one.

Stripes make this interesting, and the length a bit different.

Two small ottomans take the place of chairs...

This oversized ottoman was unique done in leather with nail heads. It could double as a table.

These round ottos were upholstered in natural alpaca and very posh.

...another view

Rounded corners and chrome yellow...holy smokes!

faux leather in gray and orange, swivel chrome base! I ordered these for the store...and one for myself!

Longer ottomans seem to be trending as well, this one in linen with an unusual leg treatment.

Two square ottomans with boxed cushions, metal framing. Use them as stand alone or pull them into the room as seating.

Extra large ottoman in an exaggerated pattern, oh so cute! I'll take one, please.

This X-leg ottoman was upholstered in a fabric that could have been used for couture...a tweed like pattern in gray and chartreuse with stylish texture.

Another oversized square ottoman used as a coffee table...comfort for all!

Used in a previous post, but I love this idea...four matched small ottomans alternating colors...makes one big square. Great idea.


long bench ottoman in a cool graphic pattern and, what better than chartreuse. There is still a lot of this out there. (I'm sure happy about that!)

So that's my last market report. We have one more day, but will leave straight from market to head back to Charlotte. We have been entertained by the ridiculous and inspired by the sublime. I'm ready to implement the new ideas and styles for the next 6 months until the April Market. You'll find new merchandise at the store beginning to come in and I'll show you new ways to arrange your rooms. It's all about style and presentation.

Hope to see you soon!

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