Sunday, October 20, 2013

High Point Market Report Day Three

Just as the rest of the design world, rugs have taken a turn towards modernism with bold color and pattern. We spent a good portion of the day shuffling client fabric memos and juggling the ipad, notes and paint memos for the perfect match. That can drive a crazy man my darling father would say.

I will have to say that we met the challenges quite well , finding fabulous choices for about 10 projects. Chartreuse, cobalt, taupe, greige, chrome yellow...all colors in our current projects. The design industry always seems to present the most current collections at Market time and we were not disappointed. Ahhhhhhh....

Perfect for a yellow and charcoal bedroom...

This one was soooo fun to search for. The pallet delighted everyone who helped us and we found so many perfect selections, it will be hard to choose!

Possibly for la young man's bedroom in Bucks County...or...

This one....or....

This colorful and cool one!

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This is an example of interesting graphic pattern with bold contrast...I was thinking it might be a good choice for my master bathroom.

There seems to be even more mid century influence in most design. This sofa was patterned after one of my retired sales rep's father 's sofas! They named it the Kempner after him! Great pricing and great style. Young modern professionals like this, and who wouldn't? It will be a great starting price point as well. Look for this and the matching chair to show up on my sales floor!

Great example of a mid century chair in bold marigold !

This "his and her" chair brought back memories of the stylish vintage chairs I found a few years ago in Connecticut. I had them reupholstered in a handsome gray strie velvet with an orange contrasting welt and used them in the Princeton Designer House. I reluctantly sold them...why?!

Pops of red can be seen as a popular unexpected with this pale sea salt colored sofa and shag rug.

I'm a big fan of mirrors as art. This one is spectacular! What's not to like?

Most of you know I occasionally have to document "what not to buy"....well, what do you think? Linda sat down to give you the proper scale. Color good...nothing else. Oh. My.

This curved white sectional ( cool for sure, read yesterday's report on white!) caught my eye and note the vibrant punches on the pillows.

We had a full day for sure and felt satisfied with our hunt. It was reported that the attendance at Market is 75,000. I guess that explains crowded elevators, long lunch lines and waiting for shuttle buses, along with the expected backup of orders that are written.

Tomorrow is planned with an aggressive list of "must-sees". I'll let you know if we stay on task!

And just for the record,I'm rethinking what shoes to wear for the fourth day of trecking...

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