Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

At least that's what I always think before the 14 hour days start for 7 days of Christmas setup.

When I look around my store, I think it is the impossible task to complete this transformation within the week. I'm so thankful and happy that my dear friend and creative helper, Linda, is here this year. I blogged last year that she was absent due to breast cancer treatment. We have spent this time together for as long as I can recall, back to my first little Yardley store on Stony Hill Rd. I'm thrilled and filled with gratitude to have her back this year.
Her support and encouragement, sense of humor, wit ,and common sense make for a very productive and entertaining week.

We spent the day sorting, unpacking, moving, planning, reviewing and creating...long into the night. As we left the store, looked around at the day's accomplishments and counted the days left to complete the setup, we couldn't help but fret a bit about how much there is to do. Four trees designed to make one sigh...every mantle dressed, garlands hung, lanterns filled, wreaths dressed and tables packed with glittering branches ,snow and ornament filled glass vessels. If we hadn't done this year after year, we would think it the impossible task.

I spent much of the day putting disclaimers on the appearance of the store to all who entered...and this is why;

Box after box of glittering ornaments and branches...'s really overwhelming.

Another room awaits the magic touch...

It goes on and on...

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...and on.

I had a great team today with my staff members to help...Jackie, Kelly, Lisa, Brian, Patty- each one digging in to meet the design deadline. So, we're on our way to the 2013 Christmas Season at Black-eyed Susan. With a wing and a prayer ( and 6 more 14 hour days, we hope to complete the transformation within the coming week.

I'll try to keep you posted with some enticing g photos...come see the magic.

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Brenda said...

"Overwhelming" is an understatement! I don't know how you do it, but I would love to see it in person some day. Hopefully you and my blog friend Lisa will post lots of photos.