Friday, December 6, 2013

A Wee Bit of Christmas Magic!

On this early misty Friday morning my cute friend and staff member, Patty, And I set out to do a little Black-eyed Susan "elf magic" ! It is always rewarding to do quiet gift giving of time and talent and who better to be the recipient than a long time, loyal and favorite client who has supported us year after year as a retail and design client as well.

Lani is an example of the ultimate refinement. Having been raised by a mother who was the vision of refinement in every way, I had an immediate tender spot for Lani from the beginning!

We set to work in a gentle mist, so grateful for an answer to prayers for a relief from the pouring rain. ( I have a vain streak when it comes to hair...)! Pruners and work gloves in hand, we put ourselves to our creative work.

A bit into the project, we realized that we were slightly short the amount of greens we needed. looking around the yard to take a visual inventory of the evergreens on site, Patty took off with pruners in hand to give a gentle "shaping" to Lani's trees!

We added to our own supply and ended up with glorious , full urns made even more perfect with the cuttings from the yard! Pinecones and a few shatterproof ornaments from past years completed the look!

We added favorite ribbons to several areas, the mailbox being one of them.

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This antique compote that was in my car turned Out to be the perfect scooping implement to retrieve some needed soil from Lani's beds for the urns! Perfectly refined use for such a lady!

Merry Christmas, sweet Lani. You've been a treasured part of the Black-eyed Susan Christmas for many years and a wonderful example of friendship and beauty . We love you.

Susan and staff

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