Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My darling little protoge!

Along with another successful event last night, a darling friend and long time follower, Amy, came in with her ever so grown up and stylish daughter. Rachael has been shopping in my store since she was a toddler and many a cute thing has gone home to her room and her mother's home!

Rachael was the youngest guest to attend and one of the most attentive! The class was the annual and well attended (25+), "Tray Chic". We talked and walked the store discussing many trays that I had designed with holiday themes. Silver trays, metallic leather croc trays, rustic trays, metal trays, basket trays, mirrored trays...just to name a few!

Rachael was on a mission! She scoured the store for her favorite things, assembled them on a silver tray that she had brought in with her, and asked for my opinion. There wasn't a person in the store who wasn't totally taken by this darling girl's ideas and talent! (BTW, she has announced that she wants to work at the store in due time, and my thoughts of retirement nearly went by the wayside in anticipation!)

We snapped this photo of her displaying her creation and I thought you would enjoy seeing it!

So there you have it! We talked and I made the most minor suggestions for change. Rachael had her own opinion about scale and placement...all good! 

I'm thinking this young follower might be worth waiting for!

She was, indeed, the hit of the night.

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